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  1. Lmfao no I haven't owned gta in awhile i thought about buying it again to play it to just screw around on it I'm sure being off all this time i think i can con the old lady in letting me get it:)
  2. I sure will bud! I'll add you! Yeah we are on a 2 week quarantine at the moment so I have been grinding destiny 2 I got burnt out on borderlands3 fast so I put it down to play this. I haven't touched a cod game since the newest world war one came out.
  3. Hey what's going on guys? I'm new to the clan you guys can call me Justin or Fallen doesn't matter. I only game on ps4 at the moment I'm from the U.S. so I'll start it there. I have been jamming Destiny 2 here latley just getting back into since Destiny1. I also play several other games borderlands3 and a couple of RPGs. I'm always out to help those in need of help or wanting to bs about some fun stuff. So if you wanna get ahold of me the easiest way is to pm on psn or discord and let's go get them! Thank you again for letting me join and oh I'm normally on 330pm Eastern standard time in the U.S. I also just wanna give a small shout out to the fellas you know who you are that helped me starting out get the whisper the outbreak and a couple other items last week you guys are the best!
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