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  1. To be fair the grind will always be there yes its apart of destiny culture but i think being in there with a squad or your mates and slamming stuff around is just amazing. Sure you can do that on a lot of games but like i said the game isn't for everyone. Also id like to take the time and say this as well id like to go and try more games as well on ps4 that your all playing i know a lot of you have been playing the hunt.
  2. Yeah show me how to do that lmfao cuz me doing everything on my phone atm is like a monkey fucking a football
  3. I'm going to start posting my clips I get and maybe we can keep this going where we can show off our awesome pve and pvp experience here's a good one for yall to watch for starters!
  4. @Diddums im gonna come up and say i totally disagree on that but I get what your saying. I played D1 and its was sorta the first of its kind. I had not touched D2 until recently and being new to it I can understand where everything feels fresh but im sure several people can say this as well and @GazzaGarratt. I put a lot of time into last season and I have almost every pinacle and exotic other then maybe 1 or 2. So I see your point on the stuff being the same but to be fair the balance between all characters has been the same since D1 sure some have advantages over others but it all depends on how you play them. I was a titan main D1 now im a warlock main and I play all three characters quite regularly now. I can say there a lot more advantages of being certain classes. You cant go in a run a raid with a six man of hunters and expect it to go well on boss damage phase unless your running class specific gear. The healing on a warlock is amazing but no one uses it other then in raids for harder content where it should be expected. They are changing the way game is done up but they will never be a wOw style game. Its own mess of fun. I think people who don't enjoy the game don't enjoy the style of fps with random rolls and stats because the same can be said about borderlands they all have perks and abilities but what does everyone do they go for the most op guns and load out there is no diversity. Now from soloing a lot of stuff a lot last season I can say that even if you dont enjoy destiny in a hole it does feel good to complete a raid or activity with your lads. Hell back on the topic of fps and stuff warzone is so simular as well to fornite with the seasonal shit so i mean i think it honestly depends if the game is your cup of tea. I know i love finding random awesome Armour rolls for stats because that allows me to actually play with my abilities regen rates or how I survive in a certain game style. Like your not going to go into crucible iron banner or trails with a raid gear load out thats for sure same goes vise versa your not gonna run your pvp load out in regular open world play or in certain activities. I just opened myself up a little bit this season to run more hardcore pvp and I couldn't figure out why I was doing ok. Well talking to some people I found out it was my build. If your not optimizing your builds even just trying to use the right stats or loadout of course everyrhing is going to feel slow clunky or just down right not fun. Also the joy of seeing a raid exotic drop is an awesome feeling and there are plenty of people in the clan who still dont have specific raid drops or Armour but they are changing the game in a way that it will be able to last longer and hopefully grow into something better. They are moving away from a lot of the normality In the game to something bigger like they are getting rid of the bounty grind and i think they are planing on working on the power grind as well because it gets old. I know a lot of people hate the grind but thats apart of the game. Same can be said with borderlands you litterally load into a boss map blast him in like 5 secs to see if you get your drop and after 50 times of doing it you might get it if not then try again. Like I said from earlier I think the game is styled towards a lot of people but not for everyone. All id like to see is older players come back and give it a shot with some of us new players and let us maybe let some of that old destiny shine come back to you all because destiny in reality is more than a game its a community and its very big. I love the game but it has its flaws like other games as well but which one doesn't but this game did bring me close to what I call you guys as family and I really hope to see some of the older members on and if so give me a shout join a party join up we can do whatever love yall thank you.
  5. welcome whiskey I know I have had the privilege of jamming some games with you in destiny so far! We sure have destroyed some people thats for sure. I know a lot of people are all over the place at the moment with everything going on but there is a lot of stuff going on in the background for a lot fun crazy activities also welcome to the crazy family you'll fit in just fine! Also @GazzaGarratt we gotta get you off the hunt so we can slam some iron banner with you this week so you can show troy your crayon eatting abilities mate!
  6. Welcome to this crazy family man! Even though I don't play the hunt I know the guys who do and im sure you'll love it!
  7. FallenDark200


    Welcome to the family!
  8. I'm down to help out wherever I possibly can Lee if your on today I got something I can possibly talk to you about that you might like or just idea. Also I know the times have been a little crazy and everyone has been going through everything a little differently and I will say this from personal experience I battle with daily anxiety depression and bi polar daily and this virus and isolation doesn't help so if anyone wants to just text talk or just kick back and game let me know because the worst thing is to feel alone in this. You have all been great to me and my misses your all family to me. Even though I have been around for a couple of months your all a great people! Even though some don't play Destiny I like how you guys jump in just to say hello and check up on each other its a great experience and its so greatly appreciated!
  9. I'm sure it will if it does the damage that they are claiming it will lol
  10. @GazzaGarratt the solar plex is in the last slot of the seasonal artifact mods so you should have it if not should be close. Also thats really the only mod you need.
  11. For all my titan mains or crayon eaters gotta see how broken yet again these extoics are! Insane dps for little effort going into the build is insane give it a try i know i might be able to talk @GazzaGarratt in maybe trying it out!
  12. @Baabcat man I always see you on never had a chance to game with you before but would love to game on with you! I don't if you have had a chance to take at the forum posting as well i have been doing this season in the destiny tab. Thank you for complement it was a tough one coming!
  13. This Week At Bungie – 6/25/2020 > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET Here is the link for this weeks twab. Here coming up we shall have iron banner back yet again with 2 reprised weapons and older weapons dropping at level for this season so get prepared and let's go knock em down!
  14. This weeks update. Nerf to the new extoic witherhoard but from testing is still very very good. Several other small bugs for this new season has been fixed there are couple more bugs for them to fix but the last interference mission can be accessed as well. OH and who ever has been waiting for the selfie emote grab it now in the store for brightdust!
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