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  1. Guess it will negate the need for the 'stealth' perks and silencers?
  2. I presume you will be susceptible to attack during that animation......seems quite long to be vunerable
  3. Lemmy


    Thanks for the welcomes all, feel free to F/R on either which console and we can grab some games at some point
  4. There is gonna be some ups and downs I’m sure....the idea is in the right place, let’s hope it can be pulled off....ahem
  5. Hopefully all cosmetic etc. I’d be fine with that
  6. By all accounts there will be an option for console gamers to opt out of playing against PC users.....i for sure would, controller vs mouse and keyboard...only one winner there
  7. Like you said, as long as it isn't pay to win I'll be happy. I don't need some 12 year old try hard that maxed out parents credit card telling me I'm a n00b whilst owning me with maxed weapon sets.
  8. Lemmy


    I can't argue with that assessment
  9. Lemmy


    I like what I've seen of CoD thus far, could be a decent game. I've gone back to BF4 for now, that is a bloody marvelous game
  10. Lemmy


    To be honest, never really got into Gran Turismo, I do prefer an arcade style racer to be fair.....although I was really into DriveClub and do enjoy F1 FPS wise, mostly Overwatch and BFv....although the latter has turned into utter tripe so hopefully CoD can bring it back this year, everything looks good so far Also, I'm in the UK, near Oxford and thanks for the welcomes
  11. Lemmy


    At the moment.....Split/Second on the Xbox I know, but I couldn't resist...it's such a good game But in general, if it's racing...I'm in. Play F1, Dirt, Forza etc
  12. Lemmy


    Afternoon Lemmy here, been after a decent gaming community for a while now....haven't dipped my toes into it for a few years now. Been gaming since I was old enough to hold the Atari 2600 controller....yep, that long ago. Play both Xbox and PS4, big fan of both racing and FPS games..... Well there it is.....cheers
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