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  1. Maybe I'm getting old, but the TTK needs toning down All in all, solid return.
  2. I'll DL later, ready for some games tomorrow night.....fingers crossed, I need a decent FPS in my life.
  3. Got my Beta code from Amazon today.....will cancel when it's done and order from Simply Games
  4. I’ll keep my eyes open...would be happy to grab a few games
  5. As a gamer I feel obligated to pre-order, to get that extra day
  6. Have it and love it. I'm not a grand master by any stretch, but I hold my own. Seem to be one of the rare players that will choose my character for the team....if we need a medic, I'll do it...tank...ditto. Team above individual
  7. Do we know if it's the same 2v2 shiz? I'll be honest, zero interest in that mode
  8. Trouble is, if I load Overwatch up again that's me lost to the game again...I've got SP stuff to be clearing
  9. Being a BF fan since the onset the current situation really does pain me. I mean....how can you fuck it up so bad? We all know BF4 was amazing, and even Bf1 wasn’t too bad....but boy is V shite.... ive still plowed more hrs into it than I should in the hope that it rights the ship, but it seems to get worse. rescue us CoD, you’re our only hope
  10. Lemmy


    Cheers chap received the notification on the app...then it stopped working correctly, so will accept next time I jump on PS4
  11. I didn’t manage to get on....between work and a man cold game time has been thin on the ground. good to see lots of positive comments thoigh
  12. Ditto, 2v2 or such like isn't my bag.....but i'll give it a go
  13. Guess it will negate the need for the 'stealth' perks and silencers?
  14. I presume you will be susceptible to attack during that animation......seems quite long to be vunerable
  15. Lemmy


    Thanks for the welcomes all, feel free to F/R on either which console and we can grab some games at some point
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