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  1. Sofaman

    Hello everyone

    Hi all,it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to most of you I’ve been struggling with some real life issues.my plan is that I WILL be coming to the Saturday meet,I may bore the shit out of you but at least I’m trying 😉.special apologies to davidgraves and Kempy for not being around much..you fellas know.anyway I hope very soon I get to catch up.take care
  2. Sofaman

    Forever Gaming

    Same here,had a good time and thanks lee for being clear with your instructions....and not getting stressed with our silly mistakes.looking forward to the big one 👍...and the whisper 😉.
  3. Sofaman

    Hello everyone

    Not the impression I got last night techno 😂
  4. Sofaman

    Hello everyone

    The only other online game I play is the division,I’m buzzing for division 2
  5. Sofaman

    Hi all

    Alright mate I’m with you guys now,see you when you get back off holiday:)
  6. Sofaman

    Hello everyone

    Getting strait to the point,my name is Leon and I’ve not posted before so here goes.im 40 years old ( but in my head I still feel 19 ), I live in the county of Suffolk in the uk and I’m a father if two,looking forward to hooking up and meeting you guys in game..I’ve spoken to some of you already but I’m kinda quiet at the moment so be patient with me lol.thanks everyone..game on


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