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  1. Mikepjbell


    What makes you think it looks crap?
  2. Mikepjbell

    FG Film Club wk 32 2018: Snatch

    Ok I need to find a blu ray of this
  3. Mikepjbell

    FG Film Club wk 32 2018: Snatch

    Wanna buy a dag?
  4. Mikepjbell


    Lee and others you've done a bloody good job to help increase discussion on here, especially as it's currently holiday season ! Ppr updated
  5. Mikepjbell

    Fallout 76 Beta

    'Fallout 76' BETA Will Be The Full Game & You Can Keep Your Progress Bethesda has revealed that the upcomingFallout 76 BETA will include the full game and all player progress will be carried over to the November release. This sounding like a really fun game. I'm not usually a fallout fan but this sounds great!
  6. Mikepjbell

    Current Status of Fortnite

    I can't get my head around how people build so fast.
  7. Mikepjbell


    You can't swear? Didds are you sure you're a member there???
  8. Mikepjbell

    BO4 Beta Info

    The problem is I really want this game to be good because a part of me thinks that with such a massive budget, they're bound to get blackout right, right?
  9. Mikepjbell


    Diddums the FG ambassador... not sure how I feel about that. 🙈
  10. Mikepjbell

    BO4 Beta Info

    If blackout is good AND people in the clan play it then I'll get this. Otherwise I'm happy to finish Cod4 remastered and hang up my COD jacket for good. People are way too disenfranchised now with this whole season pass empty your wallet bullshit, understandably too...
  11. Mikepjbell

    Current Status of Fortnite

    It's great that they keep changing things but I can't help but think that I preferred it when the game was more simple. Also all the kids playing it have become way too difficult to kill with all that crazy building. I'm just shit at it thats what's happening here. Fuck.
  12. Mikepjbell

    DriveClub FG Tournament

    You bastard.
  13. Mikepjbell

    World Cup Sweepstake

  14. Mikepjbell

    Warmind DLC2

    I'm so very far behind on this game and need a really short and brief bullet list of what's changed and what's coming since I stopped playing 2 or 3 months ago!! Sorry for my ignorance! Can anyone help there?
  15. Mikepjbell

    FG Destiny Rally Call!

    I'm completely in for this once life is settled again - hopefully soon!!


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