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  1. Mikepjbell

    DriveClub FG Tournament

    You bastard.
  2. Mikepjbell

    World Cup Sweepstake

  3. Mikepjbell

    Warmind DLC2

    I'm so very far behind on this game and need a really short and brief bullet list of what's changed and what's coming since I stopped playing 2 or 3 months ago!! Sorry for my ignorance! Can anyone help there?
  4. Mikepjbell

    FG Destiny Rally Call!

    I'm completely in for this once life is settled again - hopefully soon!!
  5. Mikepjbell


    ...Unless they're Dirk Diggler and Brock Landers
  6. Mikepjbell

    Overwatch Game battles - Info \ Updates \ Progress

    I signed up?
  7. Mikepjbell

    I'm bored - we need a new game

    I'm happy to give Warframe a go again to be honest. There's aren't really any clan friendly options out there, not in terms of MMO etc. (PS4 of course)
  8. Mikepjbell

    I'm bored - we need a new game

    So I take it we haven't come to a conclusion - at least in terms of PS4?
  9. Lee and I have been chatting about how we manage the calendar events and the best way to make sure we get events up and online on a regular basis at a time when people know to look. It has been decided that each Sunday evening, a standard set of events for various games will be posted on the calendar for the following week, meaning that everyone in the clan will know that on Sunday night / Monday morning, the list is updated and they can sign up for events they're interested in. We'll trial this for a bit and see how it goes, but I think we all realise that as of late it has been difficult to manage and keep updated frequently. If we do it in one go it should be somewhat easier to manage. Don't forget however that it's up to the many and not the few (especially the Champions) to manage this so any input or event booking support is very much appreciated! Please let me know your thoughts if you can think of a better way of managing the same - thanks! N.B - I'll book a few events for the remainder of this week to get things started Mike.
  10. Mikepjbell

    Monster Hunter World

    A couple of friends in work and I are thinking of getting this game - looks great! Anyone else playing it?
  11. Mikepjbell

    Ready made or DIY?

    Yeah I've got to say it's incredibly unlikely for a mouse not to be plug n play these days so there's definitely something wrong with the mouse as the OS is a clean Windows 10 Pro image.
  12. Mikepjbell

    Bit of bragging :)

    We seem to have a small resurgence of destiny 2 players
  13. Mikepjbell


    Okay so is there a how-to on this? I went to create a quiz and I'm not sure how to create questions
  14. Mikepjbell



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