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  1. Football (Played with Feet)

    Shame the run had to end 😢 bloody Plymouth as well my late grandads home town. We will have to go to Ewood again mate for the (hopefully) promotions party 😊⚽️🏆
  2. The Overwatch League

    They beat Seoul dynasty 4-0. Although the London players look like they all originate from Seoul where’s the British players! I say you and stretch should start up a Coventry Crusaders team 😂
  3. OW Championship league/clan tournaments

    Guys, just wanted to say I really enjoyed playing this the other night with stretch didds crispy and Lee. Won all 3 of my placement matches with yous and a couple of them were really tight games which made the wins even sweeter. Didds was healing me and reviving me like nobody’s business and stretch was giving me some great advice, such as “don’t run away Mart stay and fight” ok! I am bang average at this game (probably even below bang average) but i think, as someone said earlier, if you just keep a calm head on this game and make the right decisions then you will get some joy, eg waiting to group up before rushing into a point. AnD of course good communication always helps
  4. Community Calendar: Fortnite Battle Royal

    Lee didn’t get chance to show me this, we played PUBG instead but I liked the concept of that so I’ve downloaded fort nite. Look forward to playing with you guys 😊
  5. Everybody's Golf!

    I bought this on amazon as it was only £22. Look forward to playing with you chaps
  6. Loot boxes

    Thanks for the heads up, just snuck in there before tomorrow’s deadline. Got nothing really, an old zarya skin and a few victory poses, but hey ho it’s free
  7. Football (Played with Feet)

    Kane is looking amazing at the moment. He’s the only one with potential to break shearers all time PL goals record. That is unless he moves to Real. Spurs have got to win the FA cup or champs league this year else he might be tempted to go I reckon
  8. New players heroes

    Hey guys I’d like to get back into overwatch with you all but my rating hasn’t always been up to scratch lol! I’d be happy to play quick play with some of the newer players to get back into it.
  9. What did Santa bring?

    Hope you had a good Christmas Lee. And everyone else too 😊 I got some novelty slippers, a couple of jumpers, some wellies and also a new dressing gown, not personalised like yours tho haha!
  10. PES 2018

    Is it good phil? I’ve got 2017 and love that but I’m doing a master league and didn’t buy 18 because I couldn’t be bothered to start again! Lee, on the fifa vs pes debate, I played Fifa 18 the other night and it’s same old story, fancy menus, nice training games, official kits, commentary and all the licenses, but Pes till plays a better game of football which is what I’m more bothered about
  11. [PS4][RL] Rocket League Doubles Tournament

    The scores from our games were 3-0 and 6-5 to @Ricoand @Capn_Underpants
  12. Worms Battlegrounds

    I've downloaded too would be fun to play multiplayer. What's everyone's favourite weapon of choice? Mines got to be the holy hand grenade!
  13. [PS4][RL] Rocket League Doubles Tournament

    Yep I'm available to play Thursday or Friday. Sorry for not replying sooner. @Amnotrightare you about? I hear you've moved to Coventry, I have to ask why on earth would you want to come here lol!?!
  14. [PS4][RL] Rocket League Doubles Tournament

    Hi Chris sorry not replied to this. I can pop on Thursday night or Friday night, probably 8pm time. Not around this weekend really
  15. PES 2018

    Indeed it looks fantastic. I love that new camera angle. Still don't think FIFA fans will ever switch over as there aren't as many game modes and as Lee said the fake names and kits are always gunna be a problem

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