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  1. Findmartin

    PES 2019 Demo

    Totally agree. The football is fantastic. Way better than fifa but still don’t think pes will sell nearly as much as fifa. The 3 on 3 would be fun to play with you guys
  2. For any WWE fans there are a couple of codes you can enter in rocket league for a couple of free items rlbirthday wwedads also enter “popcorn” for a limited edition trail thing
  3. Findmartin

    FIFA Mens Footballer of 2018

    One player can’t always carry a team. Even the great messi couldn’t carry that sack of shite argie team. It’s not salahs fault that their defence was leakier than my bathroom tap and the keeper couldn’t catch a cold. I think Liverpool will be up there this season as they’ve made some good signings especially the GK.. For me generally speaking the goalscorer is the main man in most teams (you should know more than most that the hardest thing to do in football is stick the ball in the net). And yes mate you should have won more individual trophies when you were younger! 😘
  4. Findmartin

    FIFA Mens Footballer of 2018

    I’d probably agree with daves order. Can’t agree with others saying salah wasn’t that good, he won golden boot and player of year award and Liverpool’s front 3 was some of the best football I’ve seen for a while. I reckon Bradley dack should be in there though don’t you agree @GazzaGarratt 😂
  5. Findmartin

    FG GTA Racing

    Cheers guys really enjoyed joining you last night was a good laugh. As for my hat trick or wins, pure fluke that won’t happen again for a long long time, more chance of Leicester winning the premier league again!
  6. Findmartin

    World Cup 2018 | Fantasy Football

    That’s cool dude, but FYI There was a free one I probably shoulda let you know 🙈 never mind hey https://fantasy.fifa.com/en/home
  7. Findmartin

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Sorry just seen this after I posted in the World Cup thread 🙈 I’ll make a team thanks @Stretch616 for creating He league
  8. Findmartin

    World Cup 2018 | Fantasy Football

    Hey bud thanks for running this. Only idea I can think of to reduce the admin burden on yourself would be to use the proper site (eg like the fantasy premier league one) as you can set up leagues and that tracks the scores of course. However what I did like about your one is that you could just leave it and not have to worry about transfers etc so there was a bit of tactics in picking players you thought would go far in the tourney. The “downside” of the proper site is that some people will regularly check it and make transfers etc and some will Just forget and or leave it, so you’d maybe have to set a gentlemen’s agreement and trust that no one can make any transfers?
  9. Findmartin

    World Cup 2018 | Fantasy Football

    Just consulted my wall chart and if my maths is correct I make it that there were 121 goals during the group stages. My guess of 115 was pretty close 😎⚽️
  10. Findmartin

    Resident Evil 2 - Remake

    Too scared!! You play I’ll just watch 😱
  11. Findmartin

    Overwatch's 27th Hero

    Emre....weren’t he the Turkish guy who played for Newcastle in the 00’s 😂
  12. Findmartin

    Music of the 1980's

    Haha yes yes tony Mortimer is my cousin. He’s doing alright as far as I know, his house was on “through he keyhole” last year, it was pretty average to be fair!
  13. Findmartin

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Shame the run had to end 😢 bloody Plymouth as well my late grandads home town. We will have to go to Ewood again mate for the (hopefully) promotions party 😊⚽️🏆
  14. Findmartin

    The Overwatch League

    They beat Seoul dynasty 4-0. Although the London players look like they all originate from Seoul where’s the British players! I say you and stretch should start up a Coventry Crusaders team 😂
  15. Findmartin

    OW Championship league/clan tournaments

    Guys, just wanted to say I really enjoyed playing this the other night with stretch didds crispy and Lee. Won all 3 of my placement matches with yous and a couple of them were really tight games which made the wins even sweeter. Didds was healing me and reviving me like nobody’s business and stretch was giving me some great advice, such as “don’t run away Mart stay and fight” ok! I am bang average at this game (probably even below bang average) but i think, as someone said earlier, if you just keep a calm head on this game and make the right decisions then you will get some joy, eg waiting to group up before rushing into a point. AnD of course good communication always helps


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