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So I have suggested before that we should all choose a game and play through over a month and then chat about it so here's my attempt to get this going.


If you have any other suggestions please let me know. I won't stipulate how you play the game, be it original hardware or other methods, re-releases or remasters etc.


So yeah the poll provides some options for a first game, let me know if you would be interested?


I am thinking, we set a month to play and then over the course of that month we can chat about the game, aspects we enjoyed, grievances etc etc.




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Haha, yeah they are slightly more modern, only because I was conscious that some people may struggle to get access to older titles? But that's why I am open to adding any suggestions to the poll 🙂


With the one's above most of them have had re-releases on say the pc or can be accessed through the Switch in the case of Zelda rather than having to go down emulation route or getting hold of original hardware ^_^




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