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Has the last book came out yet? Do you know all the way to the end? How many seasons you think they will make?


He's still writing the last book and is taking his sweet time about it. I haven't finished the current books just yet but the producers have already said they want about 8 seasons.

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lol Beewbs!


It took me awhile to get into it. I'd say about past the first half of the first season. I've been waiting for Joffrey to get his for awhile now. I hope its satisfying when/if it finally happens.  All the beewbs is a little silly but I can't really complain can I?


I really enjoy this guy's channel. He does Supernatural, Arrow, Game of Thrones, Marvel Movies and Walking Dead; among others.


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But you're missing out on some funny shit over in the WD thread.

Showed my girl the TWD honest trailer last night and she loved it. It had me rollin'! :lol: The one above is great too!



The Game of Thrones season opener was cool. I haven't read the books but the necklace Ser Dontos gives Sansa is going to get her killed isn't it? It was kind of corny they had a scene with a search for a worthy necklace and then he gives her an heirloom necklace but...


My favorite dialog and scene:

"Of course you name your sword, lots of people do"

"Yeah, lots of cunts!"

Then ale fueled, chicken taking revenge!


Love the dragons. Hope they fuck shit up soon.



This is also ridiculous.


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About last night's episode


So finally, king c*nt is dead. Not exactly what I was expecting though and I don't think it was satisfying enough... Sansa must have put something in Baratheon's goblet when it was kicked in under the the table... Or did she and Margaery (who fed him the pie) conspire against him? Sansa clearly wanted to get out of there because she knew what was going to happen all along.


I hope Tyrion gets away, he's my favorite character.

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The thing that's beautiful here is that even after reading through the book I still don't know who did it, and there are so many possibilities as to who it could have been.


My thoughts (maybe spoilers)...


  • I'm pretty confident it wasn't Oberyn, he comes into play later.
  • Sansa has plenty of motive and I believe gave him a drink (thinking back to the book, watching the episode in a bit)
  • My personal belief is that it was the Tyrells, particularly Olenna and Margaery. From what I remember Margaery gave Joffery pie?
  • Littlefinger was probably involved, (he needed a distraction for something, but I'm not sure if it's been shown yet so I won't say.). He wasn't actually attending though so would have plotted with someone else.
  • Tyrion had motive but I very much doubt it was him.
  • Tywin may have felt ashamed about Joffery disgracing the family, and poisonming isn't beneath him. Still doubt it was him however.

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