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Found 15 results

  1. So it's basically a friendlier version of Stardew Valley, without the massive time crunch and pre-planning needed to map out your farm for every season. The game is just solid and I am surprised I got hooked on it. The characters are likeable, there's over 200 unique characters and the system itself is really flawless when it comes to playing. So far I recommend it.
  2. Hi there! I was unpacking some boxes in my new home and found two N64 consoles, I tried plugging them in and switching them on but it keeps showing a blank screen on my TV. I thought this was to do with my console not having an expansion pack or a HDMI converter so I have ordered an expansion pack and a HDMI converter. I have both a scart plug and AV cables, I've tried blowing on the cartridge and the cartridge holder in the console but nothing works. I asked for advice from Yahoo Answers but people kept trolling me.
  3. Arrives October 15th. No crossplay yet but sure is tempting to get it on here so holidays wont drag so much
  4. Out September 20th and it costs around £100 less than the OG switch, theres some comparisons below to show what's the difference between them both.
  5. As you have seen in my previous thread, I have two N64 consoles and I've decided to give one to my Dad and I was wondering what games he would like for his N64 console I am giving him. He has a PS2 console and a NES console as well, he plays mostly shooter, army/war battle, action/adventure, SCI-FI and martial arts fighting games. This is what I have found so far that I think he will like giving his interests: Fighters Destiny Mortal Kombat 4 007 Golden Eye Perfect Dark Turok Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Doom 64 Duke Nukem 64
  6. No gameplay but this was enough to raise serious hype for all those Metroid Prime fans.
  7. Analysts have predicted by the end of the year that Switch will have outdone Xbox sales. Whilst never being a major Nintendo fan, after seeing it in action and then buying one, I have to admit I am in awe of how they've cleverly hit the handheld and console market so successfully with the Switch. The worry was always about the games, however whilst we still wait for more 3rd parties to create remasters and more games for it, the current selection of Switch games are all up in the 8/9/10 out of 10 games available. Microsoft just can't compete with just Halo being there only successful major exclusive product (imo). Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Splatoon 2 and now Smash Bros. The port L.A. Noire looks impressive and bespokely made for their controls too. The one true gap for them really destroying the market is the community and friends capability. It's an extremely poor experience and one which you'd think they'd at least have a basic infrastructure built by now. Here's hoping they really invest in this to allow it to compete against all consoles side by side. Really impressive comeback after the Wii U.
  8. It's happening and it's in 2018. Such a great addition to the Switch that is fast becoming more of a major console player than most first thought. Here's hoping we'll see a few new characters along the way and maybe a few different game modes would be nice too. Miss playing the Target Smash mode, loved completing each characters level.
  9. One of sought after packaged consoles is being discontinued in North America so it won't last long for the rest of the world. Nintendo have said they didn't intend it to be a long lasting product and I personally think it's to do with they don't want to mess up their amazing success and sales on the Switch, even though nothing is stopping that right now. Still, if you only want to pay a small price for 30 NES games all in one then now's your chance. (Yes, I still don't like the fucker, get the original you lazy asses)
  10. Hmmm, I know the phone industry is the next big boom pay packet for game developers but I'm not sure the classic names need to be defaced by simplistic quick buck game models. (Yes, thats right, i'm sticking up for my arch enemy Mario - Sonic til I die ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nintendo's next mobile game is Super Mario Run, an endless runner starring the mustachioed plumber. It's a well-worn genre for phone games, though Nintendo plans on releasing it for a set price rather than free-to-play (it will be a free demo initially) with ample microtransactions. Before you get too excited, know that it will offer extra in-app purchases, according to its App Store listing. Nintendo creative boss Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at the Apple keynote on Wednesday to announce the game. He emphasized how Super Mario Run can be played one-handed, by simply tapping to make Mario jump, and how it will feature extra modes that let players compete with friends and build their own Mushroom Kingdom. As for dedicated Nintendo fans, the visual style should be familiar if you've played any of the New Super Mario Bros. games. Super Mario Run will be released in December. And don't forget about the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing adaptations which are also on Nintendo's mobile games docket.
  11. The Nintendo Switch will be getting Unreal Engine 4 titles aplenty according to an Epic Games representative. Recently Dragon Quest XI finally got confirmed that uses UE4 and the exclusive Seasons of Heaven for the Nintendo Switch has also got this engine. Still a little concerning not to hear many more titles being confirmed as of yet. I think many developers are concerned it could hurt their titles if associated with this console.
  12. ....but won't appeal to PS4 fans. That's an unnamed exec quoted when praising the launch plans for the NX; the new console that we should hear more about in a few months time. They're planning to launch their big guns all in the first 6 months - Zelda, Mario and Pikachu (Pokémon) and they've already secured the third party services of Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros. I think they're being pretty realistic in terms of the gaming market they are trying to secure. 'Between smartphone users and casual gamers'. Nintendo do try to go for quality not quantity in the main and I think they'll definitely see an improvement on the Wii U.
  13. Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-video-games/pokemon-sun-and-pokemon-moon/
  14. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/nintendo-commits-to-2015-release-date-for-star-fox/1100-6422055/ Nintendo has said its Star Fox Wii U game is on track to launch in 2015, as part of a wider announcement where it revealed release dates for key upcoming games. The Star Fox game, which has yet to be given a specific title, is the brainchild of the corporation's talismanic developer Shigeru Miyamoto. A rough prototype of the game was shown to GameSpot at E3 in Los Angeles, and at the time Miyamoto said he was considering partnering with an external development studio to help support the project. "This is a game that we've developed internally up until now, but because we do want to bring this to market very soon, we are looking at some potential partner companies that we can team up with," he said. However, Miyamoto also assured fans that he "will be directly in charge of the project," regardless of what other studio Nintendo partners with. The Wii U Star Fox game will mark the first original game in the series to be published since 2006, when the company released Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS. Nintendo confirmed it plans to release the game in 2015 as part of a tweet detailing projects currently earmarked to ship next year. Games already lined up for next year include: Splatoon Yoshi's Woolly World Mario Maker Project Giant Robot Kirby and the Rainbow House Project Guard Xenoblade Chronicles X Zelda Wii U GameSpot's Star Fox Wii U preview explained that the game displays on both the console's GamePad screen and the television set. "The GamePad gives you a cockpit view, allowing you to aim and look around independent from your ship's movement. The TV screen gives you a view more like a traditional Star Fox game. "You can take out enemies, just not with the same level of precision as using the GamePad. Meanwhile, you need the TV screen to get a larger look at the full battlefield and keep track of your fighter when taking evasive maneuvers." Miyamoto told GameSpot that the project began as an internal experiment but, prior to E3, transitioned the project into full production. "The way that I design games, I start by experimenting with a lot of different assets and play styles. And then, once we have all that laid out and understood, then we go into full development and begin building the graphics around them."
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