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Personal Progress Report

Found 1 result

  1. Last nights first FG Friday in March was hilarious! Crispy, your son winning that mental game of gungame at 2 K/D was amazing...especially as you came second We now seem to have Rachel Rabbit bouncing all over the place, Shucks was calling out where every fecker was, Ajay, Crispy and Greebs being ultimate snipeycunts (but Alex was just gunning for his Dad ) Didds running around like a mental loon shotgunning everyone and Gary camping on the stairs was annoying to the point he annoyed himself and took an RPG to everybody! I think we broke Nick in the second gungame, he broke me more though everytime he went to slide and just went prone as there's no slide! Phil, your mines were that fucking annoying, I seen you slide into every corner and went to trample you but I exploded every God damn time. Those sniper shots were unbelievably hard to get to move on for gungame. SnD was...slow to say the least, glad we tried it though as maybe another day it could work. I enjoy Wet Work (I think?) was the best map for me. Shipment was crazy AF. Way better for gungame but not TDM with Airstrikes and a Helicopter being brought in by Rachel Rabbit, quickest TDM game ever ffs Oh, and Euan @Chookes, read your messages next time and download the whole game before the next the night you pratt. GGFG everyone, top night @techno @Shucker @Diddums @tronic44 @Plumbers Crack @phil bottle @Greboth @crispymorgan Alex @Misneach_ @Bluebear @fg_cal Cardiotype.
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