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Found 11 results

  1. Afternoon! As you all haven't probably seen it (and clearly need a nice firm nudge with a rod), we said we'd try a tournament out between us all. Nothing major, just a 2v2 gunfight one. I've made it in the tournament section found here. Can i have a roll call below please who would be interested as I can help make teams up if we're struggling to understand how to make a team (it is really easy btw on the tournaments section). Eventually when we have enough we can arrange when you can jump on for the games. Shouldn't need longer than 30 minutes I would reckon, more like 10-20 minutes. Lets hear your names then!
  2. View this quiz Call of Duty - Quiz No.2 - General The next installment in our Call of Duty quizzes! Submitter GazzaGarratt Type Graded Mode Time 5 minutes Total Questions 12 Category Call of Duty Submitted 09/21/2019  
    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
    • 12 Questions
    • 16 Players
    The next installment in our Call of Duty quizzes!
  3. I found something completely random that's been added to the site - Quizzes! This is something is completely new and open for trial on here. We'll learn about it as we use it but you'll see it in the burger menu on browser or at the top menu panel. Anybody can create a quiz for people to have a go on them whilst they're browsing FG. There is apparently Leaderboards as well for everyone after you have completed one. Feel free to ad a quiz or tell us any thoughts about it here on what we should do with it. Hopefully will add abit more different fun!
  4. Rather than ask a question about what games you're looking forward to as I'm not sure that would get a good response, I'm really interested in what people really enjoy getting out of gaming more generally. What key bits of games make you tick? Completing hard challenges? Working on your K/D? Only playing random Multiplayer fights with friends? I guess sometimes it can be dependent on what games that you currently play have to offer but it would be cool to know what you look out for.
  5. until
    Thought it was about time to see if we can get a few of us on here for some fun and frolics. Add your name down if you can make it.
  6. The inaugural Forever Gaming Rocket League is officially started! It was a tight one as well..... PlasticGaming (Rob) 6 - 1 GazzaGarratt (Lee) Nightmare start for me! Great laugh though. I'll post a table in the thread once we have a couple more results.
  7. until
    After speaking to most of you, it sounds like we should try out the Private Matches ahead of the Rise of Iron DLC. Let's see if we can get as many on as we can so we can have loads of good laughs and banter. We may pick up some ghosts along the way. If you have any decent game modifiers you want to try, make sure you add them to the Private Matches ideas thread! Happy Gaming FG!
  8. Having kids these days means more cartoons on than ever before! It got me thinking though, most recent ones don't beat my old favourites. I loved Button Moon and Trap Door (awesome plasticene work) when i was really REALLY young. Then I enjoyed Transformers and M.A.S.K. which were unbelievably brilliant back then and still are now imo. My daughter loves the animated Mr. Bean of late and I've got to be honest, it is pretty darn good! It made me want to watch the old real life Mr Bean episodes that it came from. Watch yours?
  9. So I am going to rip a thread from Reddit and get it in here, fun topic. What is something that makes absolutely no sense to you?
  10. You know how this works.
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