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  1. Rather than the balls deep approach lol, it's often better to start on a platform these days. Here's a link to ours, I think it's all free: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/get-started Then after you're up and running, do a bit of design thinking, come up with a fantastic idea https://www.ibm.com/design/thinking/ And then go balls deep in python or whatever to get bits to do what you want However if it's for work, and the IT projects are sizeable then it's probably better to skim actual coding, and focus on the design thinking /agile creation and devops delivery (The making it happen side)
  2. yeah well it's free to play upto level 20, and you get dungeons at 15. You can sell the whole experience package of shadowfang again!
  3. lol shadowfang keep, Lord Godfrey. I remember it so well, I'm sure we died so often through laughing constantly. Zake and I had no clue what was going on. My characters are split over frostwhisper and grim batol. Bluemarlin and leonvegas both on grim batol, but it doesnt matter these days with all the cross-realm stuff. I've got to 110, not bought battle for azeroth yet. Need to power up!
  4. So Diddums, is there an active WoW guild at all?
  5. Hello Diddums and crew, been a while. A recent free to play weekend brought me back to WoW, and I got hooked again. It's a disaster. I planned to exercise and get fit. I've been using a macbook air for work, but ordered a new laptop last week just so I can play it. It's a downward spiral, it just takes over everything. Other than WoW the only other game I really played was MW2 (again), this time on PC. Still a classic in my eyes. I never bothered much with any other CODs after it On the home front the Kids have grown up, so the last two years we've been living the dream! Holidays in Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Dubai etc I'm back living in the UK too, but work the week in Copenhagen at the moment. I'll start trawling through the 'general discussion threads' I used to love reading mcnasties posts in the old forum lol
  6. I'm 7 hours a head of you guys, so therefore f**ked whatever time you pick. I'm dreading the world cup. But I'll give it a go once a week at least. Just put it in the in-game calendar so I can sign up. My characters are random colour + marlin, or name + vegas. I'll have one of each on GB soon enough; Bluemarlin is 546 fire mage Jazminvegas is 537 survival hunter
  7. You waster Diddums, can't believe Klax is letting you tank raids still! I remember watching you get one-shotted by Death Wings spikey things so so many times. The Sven mentioned isn't Dremix Sven is it? Going to bring my hunter across next as that one is pretty much maxed out, and hunters are so much fun for pulling everything in a room and annoying loser tanks that can't maintain aggro and have crap gear (In response to that huntard thread).
  8. Well hello noobs, I've now switched over to Grim Batol So the one and only little mage Bluemarlin is back http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/grim-batol/Bluemarlin/advanced ilvl 544 and not one single piece of decent raid gear. I not played him much, so got my fingers in a right mess, when ganked by a warlock 20 seconds after arriving at Timeless. That never happened on Frostwhisper. I'm upto this quest now http://www.wowdb.com/quests/33343-the-archiereus-of-flame if anyone wants to help! Cya online
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