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  1. SamuthNBS


    Crispeh! Sup dude I figured there'd be a few familiar names knocking about the place. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. SamuthNBS


    I know Diddums from another life on another forum Thanks for the welcome everyone! On my youtube channel I mainly play Assassin's Creed, starting with the first and working my way through the whole series with the intention of cutting out the dull bits and showing as much of the story and highlights as possible as I love the story but the gameplay on the older ones has not aged well, and I hate recommending people start playing halfway through a series as they won't understand the over-arching story of the whole thing, so I made some videos to explain it. It's taken a couple of years so far as I get distracted a lot by work! Outside of youtube I have recently been playing a lot of Bomber Crew and In To The Breach - things I can play in my hotel rooms while watching TV and eating dinner, rather than games that require my full attention. I've also just started playing helldivers with my girlfriend in local coop, as we completed Gauntlet recently. We drink when we die, and tend to get through half a bottle of rum a night that way. She always ends up forcing me to play Trivial Pursuit or Tricky Towers on her PS4 by the end of the night which I can't recommend as quality games unless your aim is to get very drunk. When alone at home rather than in a hotel I tend to play Forza 7, GearCity, Automation, Civ, Warhammer Total War or Everspace although I've recently started playing Aurora as well, despite never entirely understanding what I'm supposed to do. I also used to be a teacher in a 6th form college and one of the first things I did was install Live For Speed on several of our video editing Macs, network them, get them working with the PS controllers we had in the cupboard and spent several lessons schooling the kids in Formula BMWs. Easy pickings, really, but quite fun nonetheless. I'm totally broke due to how much I drive around for work (and some stupid car-based decisions that Diddums knows all about) so I own very few new games and as such have fallen behind on the COD series and other AAA titles (until they appear in a humble monthly) and similarly my online multiplayer activity has died a death, being relegated to playing coop with my girlfriend (my ex had a stonking PC but my new girlfriend has to use split screen which has limited us) or the occasional LAN party in Salisbury - never knew how close to reality some of our games about killing russians would end up being. I've played through and completed Guild Wars 2 twice but otherwise avoid MMORPGs due to money and time restraints. I periodically spend a few weeks obsessing over War Thunder or World of Warships but haven't touched either for about a year. I still rate them as some of the best online multiplayer games available, especially the lower tiers and especially for free. I own a slightly broken X360, a WiiU, a "video editing" laptop and a "video editing" PC that are both good enough to play anything I want, although do struggle a bit with my Oculus DK2 with the settings turned up. Any more questions do let me know, I'm not afraid to share intimate details of my hobbies/life - sometimes too much so! I'm hoping at some point soon I can get back in to online multiplayer - especially if I persuade my other half to download Steam again - and it seems like a good idea to find a like-minded group of people to be abused by in a variety of games rather than jumping in with a load of randoms. Outside of gaming I do cars, photography, videography, a bit of music - the usual 'creative' shit really, although I am not myself creative, merely able to closely recreate other peoples' creativity. I work in TV for a variety of live broadcasters, currently donig the FA Cup for the BBC so I go to one or two matches a week and set up all the video fibre/copper paths and support the editor etc. so I can't claim to have a boring life but it does mean I'm hard to pin down for specific days as my work schedule often changes on the whim of a penalty kicker, especially if the new VAR system is involved (not just because it's shite but also because it takes almost an extra day to get the bloody thing set up and working). I've rambled enough, hopefully I've given you all an idea of who I am and I hope to get to know you all better in the future!
  3. SamuthNBS


    Hi everyone, new member checking in I know someone on here from another forum and they mentioned here in a post and it looked like a good place to get my gaming fix! I don't play multiplayer games all that much any more - mostly due to unsociable work hours (and locations) and friends getting married and/or pregnant - but I still enjoy talking about them and have a youtube channel where I play through a few of my favourite games too. Most people call me Nubs as it's easier to say than my mouthful of a username, and sounds amusing in a northern accent. I am from the South West but now live in Hampshire. I work in TV, mostly in football and rugby, so travel around the UK a lot and am forced to see a lot of sport which I don't particularly enjoy. I mostly play small indie games these days as I'm using a laptop in a hotel room but I do sometimes go for AAA games when I can afford them - I am a particular fan of Forza and used to have a few global top 10 times back in the days when I had spare time. I am also a car nut. I look forward to irritating you all with my slightly pedantic online nature and hopefully learning some shit about games and picking up a few tips on which ones to look at next. Cheers!
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