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Found 11 results

  1. Recent update - New Map is called Havana. Havana, a vibrant, historic port city where the winds of change blow strong, is home to Overwatch’s newest Escort map! Begin your trip at the Taller de Sebastián, where the classic cars that line Havana’s bustling streets stop for refueling and repair. Escort a truck of rum barrels on the sun-drenched cobblestone roads, fighting off those who try to stop you. As you make your way, duck into a colorful building to escape enemy fire and savor the impressive flavors of Havana at La Cocina de Miranda or Café del Sol. Battle your opponents through the alleys until you reach the Don Rumbotico rum distillery, a once little-known local treasure that has recently earned international acclaim. Finally, guide the jalopy through the distillery to its destination at the Havana Sea Fort, a historical landmark recently purchased by an anonymous financial group and closed to the public. All-Star Skins To celebrate the Overwatch League 2019 All-Stars, we’re adding two new Legendary skins— 2019 Atlantic All-Star Mercy and 2019 Pacific All-Star Lúcio! These skins will be available from May 7th to May 22nd. BUG FIXES Maps - Havana Fixed text errors on Taller de Sebastián and several posters Fixed a bug where players would slide along the bottom of the pillars and the wall corners on the second floor of La Euforia Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the Yucca plants
  2. Let's get the ranked party going! PS4 party up, no doubt we'll have some placement matches to do. Let's get it on!
  3. Event Title: FG Overwatch Ranked Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Overwatch Calendar Event Date: 02/19/2019 08:30 PM Let's get the ranked party going! PS4 party up, no doubt we'll have some placement matches to do. Let's get it on! FG Overwatch Ranked N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  4. Next event is from Jan 24th to Feb 18th. A new Reaper skin has been revealed below and I imagine quite a few new bits and pieces for Roadhog. Haven't seen any further details on any new PvE event but I imagine it will be all similar to last year.
  5. Introducing Ashe - Leader of the Deadlock Gang. Ultimate looks OP as hell.
  6. Okay. This needs some thought. Yes, I know the best idea is to delete it off the rotation, however as it won't be we should talk about how would you play this map? Attack and Defense team comps? Tactical routes? We gotta do something as losing on this map is painful as we know it before its over.
  7. How is everyone's season going so far? This is the first season where I feel we all started really well. For me, I ended up placing platinum for the first time after placements in possibly 7 seasons. We've tanked a little bit over the last few weeks and maybe need to reset our styles of play every so often. I'm sitting around 2450 after we had a few good wins last night. Our triple tank meta doesn't seem to work well and we sometimes need to switch to DPS a bit quicker I think, regardless of where our ults are charged.
  8. until
    Third catch up so hopefully most can get these games done and we can help everyone keep their ranks together.
  9. until
    Second one of these to group and help each other get placement matches done.
  10. until
    Hi gang. As season 4 opens from Wednesday onwards in the UK thought we should hook up for some games next week. I'll put a few of these on the calendar so stick your name down if you're around!
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