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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I'm currently looking forward to planning out 2019 for FG and what to focus on. I try to ask through the year what we should focus on and what new things we should try out as I want all FG places to be fun to come to and interact with everyone here. I also know though I don't get many responses. Maybe that's down to you're worried you may be seen in a different light. I want to ensure you that you'd never be - I want all feedback, good and bad, otherwise we don't know how to get better. However, if you don't feel comfortable, I'd urge you to complete the survey below. It's completely anonymous so type away. This will help me understand what to focus on next year. It'll only take you 2 minutes too. FG Survey Many thanks all, GGFG.
  2. GazzaGarratt

    Destiny Developer Updates 2018

    Over Chrsitmas the community managers are trying to be as clear as they can to advise what is being recorded and being looked into. They have a list, which isn't in any order, that they are very aware of in terms of feedback and things that need addressing. The list is below: • Eververse • Mayhem • Vault Space • Endgame - Strikes, Raids, Item Collection • Crucible - Gametypes, Team sizes • Sandbox Balancing - Exotics weapons and armor • Three of Coins • Curse of Osiris: Weapons Forge Questing • Masterworks and Weapon/Armor Modifications Deej and Chris Barrett have confirmed next Thursday's blog (11th January) we will receive a developer update on next things coming. Top of the list will have to be Eververse because of feedback of late. I'd rather here about content first but each to their own. Really happy team size is on the list and hoping for anything related on that. Also, we should find out Crimson Days (Valentine Event) will be back as datamining found the logo on some exotic ornaments. What do other people want to hear specifically from that list or something that is missing?
  3. Commander_Undies

    [|FG|] To-Dos and Feedback

    Hey you guys, I recently updated the roster. You can find that here. It's long over due, but it needed to be done. I wanted to redesign it though the bio though. I took off game types because we aren't all playing just CoD anymore and it looks a little weird. Perhaps, we can put add some of the games we play to our bio if you guys would like that. Like I said in another post, I tried my best to put what I thought the platform would be and answered some of the questions for some people with what I thought the answer was. So if any of it is wrong, let me know, i'll change it. I don't know if it's because i'm not on the PS4 or what it is, but I don't feel like we're using our FG forum as effectively as we did with Alliance, T2K, and the DI forum. I'd like to see that change. I'd like to see us be more proactive with our little section we have here. For example, I feel like this thread should have been put here because every single person in that OP is in FG. Right? If a new member came to the forum and saw that thread there they wouldn't think anything of a clan or anything like that. But if they saw it in the clan section, they would. Which means we could get a recruit, they might even stick around on the forums too. Do you guys want recruits? Dave is doing a lot, and i'm sure we're gonna get bigger at some point so it's something to think about. Anyways, the purpose of this thread is to just get organized and see what page everyone is on. Thanks


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