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  1. Plumbrodders

    Weekly Reset

    To mitigate issues encountered by players in the Exodus Crash Nightfall strike, this week's Nightfall has been changed to Pyramidion.
  2. Plumbrodders

    Destiny 2 Tips

    Complete the story , then all follow up EDZ story missions , get the MIDA mini tool from Devrim Kay as a quest reward
  3. Plumbrodders

    Forever Gaming

    Think Destiny is offline tonight Lee due to maintenance
  4. Plumbrodders

    First FG Raids

    Tell me there's no jumping puzzle in this raid 😬
  5. Plumbrodders

    Forever Gaming

    With the servers being down last night I have contributed 0 XP and by the way it is going I expect this weeks target to be met by the time I get home tonight , 😀 Do feel guilty in not helping out 😉
  6. Plumbrodders


    Welcome jack 😀 Plenty of helpful people here to help you out on any activity you fancy running
  7. Plumbrodders

    Who's Ready and Playing Wednesday?

    Have the destiny disk 2 ,day early and it's letting me start the story
  8. Plumbrodders

    Who's Ready and Playing Wednesday?

    Ordered from simply games , had email that's it's been dispatched today and sent through Royal Mail first class . Should be at mine tomorrow then 😁
  9. Plumbrodders

    Black Spindle

    Thanks to Dids & Lee the spindle has dropped at last , after approx 9 attempts tonight along with the ship . Was a good evening to catch up with everybody again . Had about 20 secs to spare and I think the key was not many deaths they take up to much time . Thanks again
  10. Plumbrodders

    Raiding with the noobs - Part Deux

    Yes thanks Rob for getting us through the last bit ,and to achieve our goal and thanks to everybody else who has participated over the last week to get the job done . Hard mode anybody ?
  11. Plumbrodders

    Raiding with the noobs - Part Deux

    Thanks to our team leaders stretch & Lee we are now up to golgoroth , any further help from anybody would be much appreciated for our next instalment of doing the raid
  12. Plumbrodders

    Black Spindle

    Tried but failed ! Thanks Joey and Lee we were getting closer with each attempt , maybe next time .
  13. Plumbrodders

    Raiding with the noobs - Part Deux

    I have had an old quest knocking around for ages where part of it requires to defeat golgorth and would like to get this knocked on the head ,so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated and good to catch up with some of the old destiny crew
  14. Plumbrodders

    Where is Xur and what does he have

    Xur has had problems opening the door where he is on the reef and relocated to the tower Bob
  15. Plumbrodders

    Where is Xur and what does he have

    yes Lee they drop above 300 last week I dropped the 4th horseman at 310 but this week I got 18 sc . Think you need to be 300+ to get 310 gear but not sure . Everybody enjoying BO3 ? Myself giving Battlefront a try out

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