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  1. Thanks for the warm welcoming! I assure you I'm not a bot! Would love to play this with you, if you do actually get the game at some point!
  2. Hello! First time posting on here In my recent search for steam games I came across this Gem called Elteria Adventures, the game is in closed alpha but I was lucky enough to get a key a bit after I signed up for it as they give out keys in waves, and you're guaranteed to get one if you just sign up on Elteria's site and wait. The game is at it's core an MMORPG game but it hides that really well as at first glance it's just your avarage survival open world game. The game does take some core concepts from other popular survival games and really puts it all together with the rpg system thats in place. It truly is fun exploring the world and playing with the features that are available atm. Here's the trailer link so you can understand a little bit more about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAMH_PU_Kuo&t=21s Let me know what you think and if or not you'll be signing up for the game. I've played it a lot the past few days and found that when you join a guild there's so many cool things to do, so I would advise you do that asap!
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