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  1. No worries Jon, I'm sure most can help get you through a raid. When is a good time for you to have 2 hours free to raid? Mostly in the weekend, but also the mondays evenings, just have to add that i am one hour before England.
  2. Get me when im in game and i would probably join pvp ^^
  3. Xur is in the Tower today standing in the hangard behind dead orbit faction ^^
  4. I would like to get help finnishing any raid, i havn't done any of them
  5. not to be impatient or anything but when do the clan approval come ?? I feel that all my activity on destin 2 is almost going to waste :3
  6. I have played destiny 1 from day one. Had arouns 800 hours in that game and Destiny 2 sins day one too, butt fell off during osiris and started again mid warmind ^^ still love the game even thou i stopped a bit ^^
  7. My friends name is "effinator1231" and yes, im from norway ^^
  8. Hey there. Heard some nice things about you from a friend that is in ur clan. So sins i dont have a clan atm i wanted to join :D i'm mostly active from 17.00-22.00 most days ^^ name on bungie and ps4 is Jondrehei
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