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  1. AdamF1007

    Destiny Strikes

    Thanks @GazzaGarratt for helping me and @bluffin109 out last night on the heroic stirkes!! May need a hand again Thursday night if you are about??
  2. AdamF1007

    New Member

    I thought FC5 was a really good game and enjoyed playing it, found it a bit tricky at the start but as soon as you get the right weapons it’s fairly easy.
  3. AdamF1007

    New Member

    I have just recently completed Far Cry 5, really into mobile gaming as well, I play Marvel Contest of Champions quite a lot!!
  4. AdamF1007

    New Member

    Of coarse I am from the north of England 😳
  5. AdamF1007

    New Member

    Hi I am married with two kids, self employed carpenter, football (you meant to say soccer, didn't you) mad life long Man United supporter.
  6. AdamF1007

    New Member

    Hello everyone I am AdamF1007, I have been online gaming for about 3 years now mostly with Bluffin109 who introduced me to Destiny1, we have now gone onto Destiny2 which I am hooked on!! Looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully doing some raids!!

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