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  • Fger's Warzone Fund
    Warzone fund with a few FGers. @GazzaGarratt @LordBaguette  @ChaosGladiator
    I will soon post Myself and Chaos Gladiator First ever Win,  as well as a win with @Stretch616  and @G_dub52 .
    Warzone plunder
    I'm admin for a small gaming page on facebook and played with some of them for the first time.
    Got my first win which i saved us from losing it in the dying seconds killing two on a qaud and the last clip was the best clip and line of the night.
    Warzone play
    Some Warzone trios with FG
    @Stretch616  @G_dub52
    Wreckfest..Gazzagarratt getting screwed.
    Right at the death, Lee met the wall.
    Modern Warfare | Forum Montage 0.2
    Thanks to @Nero , @Greboth & @Stretch616 for the clips
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