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  1. Reminiscing about the old MW2Forum days. Tried to remember the forum you guys started after MW2Forum wound up. A quick Google search lead me here, again. Just a quick browse of - http://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/1342-mw2forums/& brought back many, many memories. Wow!!! I can't believe you guys are still going. Hope everyone I touched on that may still be around is cool! Much love! Shout out to the originals MW2Forum Creator/Admin
  2. Here's a heartwarming story for yall. I got into coding and websites many years ago - how the whole thing works and how much money was being made from them. Around the same time I also started playing Call of Duty - after getting back into gaming since Tom Clancey multiplayer on MSN gaming network on 56k dial up. RTCW etc. This led to me setting up some websites and a little sub-community (mw2forum.com) in the huge (and growing) Call of Duty community. I still have the 250k + follower social media accounts that have sat silent for years. The moral - and the short version - of this story is... what the hell is up??? I can't believe you guys are still tight.
  3. Hey guys. This is all weird. The same thing happened with me as Auptyk mentioned in the op. Guess who?
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