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Nothing really to add, it was some great races last night.  The race at Brands was always going to be eventful due to how easy it is to mess up and go off.  Monza was .... interesting.  I don’t think any of us was on the same strategy which mixed things up.  I lost too much time at the start of the race but made it back with strategy.  Just a shame Phil had penalties as we had a decent battle which without the penalties would have been for the win.


3 hours ago, Mikepjbell said:

Side note, I think we should have a championship /table over say 6 months? 


There’s some quirks to GT’s handling which take me a lap or 2 to adjust to coming from other racing titles.


I’m happy to make it a championship but I’ll leave it up to the others as it means making all the races to really have a chance and I don’t know if people want to commit to that.


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Couple of good races last night, though I was a bit sloppy around Monza with my 11 seconds of penalties.   With @JBR-Kiwi also being very quick, @GazzaGarrattgetting closer all the time, @Mi

Ok re-installing this today 👍

yes would definitely be up for this. To be honest atm I’m just working my way through the challenges and that as I’ve got gold in all the licence tasks. Just trying to top the leaderboards above all

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