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Fallout 76 £99/$100 Subscription

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LMAO https://kotaku.com/bethesda-is-now-selling-100-annual-subscriptions-for-e-1839294277/amp

I'd love to see how many they sell. Clearly there is a market there or why would they do this shit...

Link to website: Fallout F&*^ YOU First FALLOUTFIRST.COM  

Off to a great start in typical Bethesda fashion 


Fallout 76's new premium subscription service, Fallout 1st, is not working as intended and actually eating resources...

Shameful embarrassment 

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Quick way to get a Private server for you and mates?


I mean I'm trying to find reasons why but this is insanity gone even crazier than Didds starting his own campaign for PM and you have to subscribe to get free lootboxes that have real life benefits available to earn. £7.99 a month for a chance to win Child Benefit installments.

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To put into perspective how embarrassing and greedy this £13 per month / £99 a year subscription is;


- The Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate is £10.99 and gets you unlimited access to over 100 games and their paid DLC including the likes of Gears 5, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, Forza Horizon 4 and to all new store exclusive games. This will even include the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. You also get 6 months of Spotify premium chucked in for free. 


- Origin/EA Access which is £14.99 let's you play Ultimate versions of FIFA 20, Madden 20, Battlefront 2, NHL 20, Battlefield 1-5 including all DLC. The console sub also gives you the likes of Out of the Park Baseball.


- uPlay+ gives you access to 100+ games for £12.99 which includes franchises like The Division, The Crew, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. You also get full access to brand new games and a catalogue of classic non-AAA titles such as Anno. 


Fallout 1st costs £11.99 and gives you access to private servers for just 7 friends which have turned out not to be private and some are even previously used and rinsed. You also get a scrapbox which is already confirmed as broken,  There's a fast travel tent, worthless Atoms, an outfit and emotes. All this shite for the price of a premium game pass from major AAA publishers. This on top of what is already one of the worst and most embarrassing products ever released that has literally destroyed an iconic brand and reputation of the developer. 


It's nothing more than a disgusting cash grab just like their scams with the canvas bag, Nuka Rum, the grotesque overpriced jacket and fake in-game store discounts. Shameful really. 

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