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New World!

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Well, I still haven’t finished the first phase... I worked out what it was fairly quickly, broke a block to find out how you did it (very clever!) and had to replace it with another one as I couldn’t reach the original! So, if you could be a good chap and pick it up when you get a chance, I’d be very grateful 😂 Very good though...I’ll try again later on and look forward to the next 2 phases


On a side note....slightly embarrassingly, due to me not realising that building my and EC units in spawn meant they were continuously loaded, I an now a Minecraft EMC billionaire!!....anybody need anything? 😂😂😂


Thanks to Capn_Underpants for the artwork
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I've finally pulled my finger out on this and 99.9% finished it.  There is still a few little bits to clear up and test before I open it up to everyone but I'm trying to get it done this week

Yay!!! Lee’s in da house! 

Told you I would eventually. We'll set up some game nights at some point soon Dave. Via the FG App

I dunno, have the first rule be not to break any blocks and look what happens :lol: The next two are, let’s say more logical so you may fair better at them.


I’m in the same boat, I originally was only using the converter and powering it by what I mined but I connected a condeskr and forgot about it until I almost had a chest full oopsie.


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