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Arcade club visit 13/02/16

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Looking at getting a meet set up at the Arcade club  if there is enough interest.  There is a premier inn not too far away I'll get details if people need them.


The idea would be arrive on Saturday, It's open till late so doesn't need to be mega early.  There's a bar so we can have beers, maybe get fudz for a bit.


Entry is £10 for all day. Hotel is £40 ish



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I can take two extras, three if Kyla doesn't want to come. If Kyla doesn't come then I suspect it'll be Rich & Phil in the back seat, Dave in the front and me driving. 



I drive better than I game, don't worry :P


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I know this might be a particularly stupid question but what and where is the arcade club,

I believe it's in Manchester and it's all old arcade games on free play like a creche for adult men :)

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