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Found 6 results

  1. Thought i would collate push out a separate thread with the updates coming as Iron Gate have made some videos about how things will slightly change to help playstyles and other things. I'm mostly looking forward to the new things we can create and build so hoping it will help our FG world that is already huge as it is! First video is the New Food System. The videos seem to be only a minute long so nice and quick to understand and pick up.
  2. It takes a lot of effort and upkeep to ensure everything is ticking over and I'd like to think we've all done our best of this covid period together at FG. As we come out the other end I'd like to think/hope we can continue the good deeds we've done with keeping us all active and having opportunities to get together to have laughs and help each other. I'd like to welcome Chad @Riff Machine as a Moderator to FG. He's also an admin on the FG Discord as he's stepped up to help out where possible around FG after being a part of the furniture for quite a while now - and it's perfect timing to as he's also just past his 1 whole year of sobriety, so I think doubly-thanks appreciation posts are welcome! Well done mate! 🤘 I'd also like to welcome La @RenFengge as an Admin to FG. She's already been around pretty much everywhere and anywhere all over FG if you've seen any bit of here. From organising Destiny raids, welcoming new people in their own PPRs, posting invaluable stuff, and an all round decent person. This will give me certainly a huge help, like she already has been doing - La is busy behind the scenes helping me fix our merch supplier issues, and trying to help secure places/activities for more physical meet ups too. Its been a real joy to have you here, La (and you too, Carl! 🤣) Both Chad and La are also over the Atlantic if you hadn't worked that out already so hopefully this will also help whilst the European lot are asleep. Don't ever think we haven't stopped reaching out to our old family and friends to bring them back into the fold and get their lazy ass thumbs up and running again - and new FGers too 😄 Exciting times ahead, with some updates and lots of fun in store for the rest of the whole year but for now I hope you all can get behind my words as I'm sure you'd want to wish them yourselves a warm welcome and congrats to their changes. Don't forget, we're not FG without Chad, La and all of you lovely people. GGFG ❤️
  3. Be good to have a thread about how our game nights have been going. We managed to get Stretch to Diamond (finally!) a few days ago and we seem to be levelling off a little. Roadhog is annoying the hell out of me when I play as DVa. Loving [mention=1456]TehMoe[/mention] Ana and [mention=1465]Greboth[/mention] Reinhardt games of late. Cheers guys. I'm currently floating around 2500.
  4. Let's use this thread for SoT updates to the game.
  5. Updates for Season 2: Here are the big bits: Skill Rating is changing from 1-100 to 1-5000 Tiers are being introduced (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) that you cannot fall out of (except Master and Grandmaster) Competitive Point rewards are being multiplied by 10 (goes for banked CPs too) - but so is the cost of golden weapons Sudden Death is being removed Note: Season 1 ends this Thursday, 18th August, and Season 2 begins 6th September - although that date could still change.
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