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Found 8 results

  1. If I look back over the past few decades we've had some amazing film series with a few very large universes too, such as the Marvel Universe that had 20+ films and the Harry Potter one that had 8. I know we live in an era that is dominated by binging stuff, especially on services such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc but i'm not really seeing anything on them like how the film series gripped me - and I miss that feeling a lot. I'm just wondering because I never really hear about movies much lately (appreciate the COVID thing has put a hold on most of that) but does anyone know of fu
  2. Back on tonight! lol, this cracks me up.
  3. Does anyone still watch this show? Season 8 finale was crazy. I am looking forward to what Season 9 brings. I have read they will explore more of the Men of Letter mythology. If anyone watched Season 8, what did you think of the new Batcave? Jensen and Jared have stated they would be on for a Season 10, so we might just make it to that. Season 9 premieres October 8th
  4. Friday the 13th: Slasher Horror Classic in Development as Hour-long TV Drama Jason Voorhees is packing up his machete and heading to television. An hour-long drama based on the iconic horror franchise Friday the 13th is currently in development, our sister site Deadline reports. Though the new series will be set in present-day Crystal Lake — the setting of the original 1980 film — Bill Basso (Terminator) and Jordu Schell (Avatar) are crafting a storyline that will show Jason in several different time periods. “Expect the show to take viewers in some exciting new directions that
  5. This guy makes montages of tv shows and movies. Here is a small sample of his work. Spoilers obviously.
  6. I admit, I have been interested in this game for some time. I have never played it though. And I probably won't until they release a ps4 version (which would be amazing) But, I stumbled across this guy's channel late one night at work (graveyard shift) and even though I don't play the game, I'm really digging these videos. He has a whole playlist so follow through to the channel if you enjoyed this episode. Each episode has a theme or "mission" so to speak. You guys who play Dayz will know what I mean.
  7. It's my favorite time of the year again, when we get to try out some new shows and hardly any of them actually make it into being something good and every once in awhile something epic like Breaking Bad comes along and destroys all the competition. New Series that I'll be watching Sleepy Hollow (on episode 2 now, I have watched it, and so far so good) The Tomorrow People on CW (a new take on an old show; but most definitely capitalizing on the superhero popularity) The 100 (also on CW) - looks like it's copying off of Walking Dead and Revolution in anarchy style situations. B
  8. Attention you scallywags! As you may have seen but also probably not, We are starting a Forever Gaming YouTube account. As we're not tied to a certain genre by our forum tile anymore, this extends an olive branch of sorts. Now all gameplay from all games is welcome. This ties in nicely with the release of GTA V soooooooooo...............I gots an idea. "Community Runs" The idea for this is you start your video by gaining your 1st star in the wanted level. You then proceed to fight it out with these bastards and do whatever you want. Rules: 1 - You CANNOT be ar

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