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  1. Here's the steps to get ridiculously amazing exotic shotgun. 1. Acquire the On the Comms quest and complete the requirements 2. Complete the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid 3. Play through the End the Arms Dealer strike 4. Get the Legend of Acrius Exotic shotgun 5. Complete the Cabal Killer quest 6. Get enough tokens for His Highness's Seal quest Steps 1 - On the Comms quest just drops pretty easily whilst on Patrol too. Step 3 - is challenging and a fun objective to achieve. Essentially its the Arms Dealer Strike, 300 level difficulty with Prism and Anomalies modifiers active. O
  2. What's your favourite destination in Destiny 2 and why? Mine is Nessus. I enjoy visiting FailSafe (she is funnier than I initially thought) and the fact that some of the adventures of initially done around the Exodus Black make it a pretty interesting planet. Surprising too as I never really wanted to explore Venus with the Vex on Destiny 1.
  3. List of how to start the Heroic events thanks to @jSyn66
  4. Now starts the master planning. I want all thoughts and opinions to put under here. What we should, how we should get out there, etc. I'm happy to work on a plan with others so we shape up and get ready to hit the ground running with Destiny 2 and make ourselves open to be the clan we've always wanted to be. We do need to think about the post structure, just in case we get newbies here and they need support. We also need to think about what regular meet times and whether we have weekly or monthly focus points on subjects. We can utilise the calendar a huge amount more.
  5. Whilst I had all 3 last time, I only rocked the Titan tbh. This time round I want to try to maintain all 3 types, even though Titan Master Race FTW of course. So what will be your setup on D2? Will you have different Guardians so you have different mains on PvE and PvP?
  6. As there was a heightened demand from the community for Bungie to release reference material so people can get to work on creating their own Destiny 2 armor to show off at events, Bungie have created a portal for reference artwork. It will work similar to the Destiny 1 version and currently the gear shown looks so beautiful. The Warlock colours and armour for me looks the best.
  7. Through an interview in Kotaku and MoreConsole info, Bungie revealed some info on a new weekly event called Flashpoints. Flashpoints are supposed to be a bunch of different exploration experiences put together that you can go searching solo for these items. At the end of it will be an unknown reward equivalent to the Nightfall drops we see today. What got me excited about this is the ideas of treasure maps were mentioned. Love the idea of cryptic clues and maps helping you to explore the open world and find stuff. There was some stuff datamined o
  8. Destiny 2 Beta Dates have been confirmed and there will be a period of Open Beta so you DON'T have to pre-order if you want to try it out. Also the launch date is now 2 DAYS EARLIER - September 6th. Beta Dates July 18th - Playstation Beta July 19th - Xbox Beta July 21st - Open Beta for both Playstation and Xbox July 23rd - Beta Closes Late August - PC Beta Launch Dates September 6th - Playstation and Xbox October 24th - PC Hyped for long beta. Will post later what's available unless someone can grab the details?
  9. Thought i'd get a roll call going to understand who has pre-ordered and therefore playing the beta from 18th (4 days time) or who is waiting until the launch? If you don't pre-order you still get to play 2/3 days of the beta.
  10. Destiny 2 is an upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game in development by Bungie and to be published by Activision. It is set to be released on September 6, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This is 2 days earlier than originally planned.
  11. First look at the social space! Apparently the social space will be for up to 26 Guardians at a time. Also, Rahool won't be there! The Cryptarch from the Iron Temple, Kyra, will be there instead to RNG shaft us once again! Oh, and chickens! Looks a decent first look, looks a little more hands on, close up, feel to it. What do you reckon?
  12. So the mystery of the Exo Stranger may now never be revealed as they have confirmed she won't be in Destiny 2. Can't quite figure why they didn't even try to do something with her. Even if it was a side quest. The mysteriousness of her would've stirred some good stuff. Ah well, I suppose we'll just have to live off the Destiny 1 moments with her....
  13. If you have 20 minutes give it a watch. Great perspective
  14. I think they've done a great job on the initial view of subclasses. I'm glad they didn't deviate away from what Guardians originally had. I think the attunements are a big win for D2. These will make a lot more diversity in teams because of what different abilities they can take into battle. I'm loving the Warlock for a change which is kinda weird, Titans being master race and all that 😉, but they seem all rounded from the gameplay so far. Their sword ultimate looks beautiful. What do you think about the subtle changes so far?
  15. This one was pretty big news that I think most of us would immediately jump and say its pretty disappointing. I did, initially anyway. However, I can start to see where they are coming from. Whilst i'm going to miss PvP in a big FG group of 6, there wasn't much co-ordination to it and we've always been crying out for more PvE content to do together. If the reason is because we get more PvE content and then much more focused PvP games where we could actually play a little more tactically then i'm game. I'm coming around to it but blasting shotguns with 5 others is going
  16. What do you all want to see? What do you really hope Bungie will get right this time or not get rid of? One of the biggest for me is having more choice on the number in your fireteam to do specific activities. If you could have up to 4/5 on strikes and up to 8 patrolling that would be brilliant. After all, the whole point of this game was to be social and its really annoying that the only event for a fireteam that is higher than 3 is the raids which is set to 6. Doing existing stuff on Destiny 1 would be a whole lot more fun if you could do this (6/8 man Court of Oryx,

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