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  1. I have. It’s a lot more trial and error as oppose to a m-vania. There isn’t really any exploration outside of missions. Story was trippy as hell though.
  2. Well, this news sucks. But, as long as the product is solid, I can wait. Sea Of Stars, The Retro RPG Prequel To The Messenger, Delayed To 2023 WWW.GAMEINFORMER.COM Fans will have to wait a while longer to experience Sabotage's promising RPG.
  3. Forspoken - Sad about the delay, hoping it'll be good on release. Hellsinger - Same reasons @crispymorgan gave. Saint's Row - Very curious to see how this reboot stays true to the original games. The Callisto Protocol - aka Dead Space 4 Moonscars - Love me my metroidvanias (Insert game name here) - (Super obvious reason why Batman wants to play it in his underwear)
  4. I'll give crash 4 a go. I'm kind of surprised about it considering activision was touting how well it was selling. Guess the honeymoon is over. I don't really care about man of medan and I'd try out the last one at some point for giggles and shits.
  5. Another one I gave a quick go on during Steam Next Fest. It reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. There is some rouge lite elements in here, but I didn't fully flesh out my play-through. The sprites are decent and the level are very minimal. This one is clearly focusing on the combat and it feels pretty good. I'll play more of this once it releases.
  6. I had the chance to try this out during the Steam Next Fest and I'll definetly pick it up once it releases. Reminds me a lot of Blasphemous, also a 2D metroidvania that released sometime last year. It has a very gothic/Castlevania type look to it and the gameplay is fairly tight. I can already tell I'll be dropping some F-Bombs while playing this one.
  7. Agree 100%. The current route of emulation, such as the apps on the switch for NES/SNES, or even collections that publishers dish out like Konami has done with Castlevania, Contra or their classic arcade lines have added that little needed feature to make retro gaming a bit more appealing. Saving mid-run or just in general adds so much to the experience. Especially in this day and age when time is limited for some, and it allows you the option to pick-up, play for a few, save and carry on with your day. Granted, save states are available for most emulators, but with something like the switch that has that portability aspect makes it a bit more appealing for most.
  8. The new Projected album Hypoxia just released today, so i've been giving it a listen. I've been following John Connolly and Vince Hornsby for years with their work in Sevendust. Hearing Johns vocal evolution to what it is now has been really incredible. Banger album. Also, I've always got some Twelve Foot Ninja in my playlist regularly. a fantastic progressive metal/fusion band from Australia that just kicks ass.
  9. I think I'm just gonna stick with my normal PS Plus for the moment. I already own a lot of the games offered with the other tiers, so I don't really see it as a plus for myself. I'm kind of indifferent to the classic PS1 games. For the most part, I've been there and done that so unless its MGS, I'm good.
  10. 2 and 3 are the best ones IMO.
  11. Some of the best 8-bit music came from this series. While most love 2, my favourite has always been 3. I remember renting each one when they were available and running through them with my best friend over a few days. Great memories... In fact, I think my frequent use of the work "Fuck" started around this point. Also, a steady diet of backhands from my folks when they heard me say it.
  12. Unfortunately, the rest of this run has been cancelled. If we decide to finish it up on our new platform, I'll update this thread then.
  13. My only gripe is basically the same gripe with the classic games as well as side-scrolling beat 'em ups in general... The hit boxes are always all over the place. There's been a few times where I've been well above an enemy on screen but some how get hit by it when it performs an attack. It really makes no sense when you're on a platform above or below and get it by an enemy on the opposite area. It's led to a few F-bombs drop from me.
  14. You'll like this one then. I guarantee.
  15. I'm sure it'll be fine @GazzaGarrattJust make sure your tighty whiteys are clean before hand. 😉
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