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  1. Both @Rumelylady and myself have one. Mostly got it for first party games but I’ve bought a lot of indie titles as of late too. I wasn’t big on botw. One of the worst ones I played personally. Octopath is a cool game. It gave me the FF6 vibe big time. Hades, the messenger, Mario party, Mario tennis, the new and snes online are decent but missing a lot.
  2. I wonder if the battle system from the FF7 remake is now the default battle system for future FF games? I'll wait and see on this. As usual, the trailer looks great but i'll need to see more.
  3. The first ones layout is completely different to the sequels. It's more open world for the most part. The sequels were more mission based. All that said, 2 was my fav but i did enjoy the first one.
  4. To be fair, ES, Fallout and Doom are all better on PC anyways. Considering there will be only one ES game in the coming generation, I don't see it being that big of a loss for sony. I'm waiting to see how they counter this move though. You've got to figure something is coming.
  5. I picked this up mid week. The graphics, gameplay, story and audio are all top notch. The gameplay is giving me that Children of Morta kinda vibe. I’ve been really enjoying the game so far. But, I can see it becoming boring as it’s basically the same thing over and over. The rooms are randomly generated after each death. Boons and bonuses are rewarded here and there to enhance your abilities. if you liked Children of Morta or any of the developers previous games, definitely give this one a go.
  6. I just bought this. I’m looking forward to jumping back into the world. I hope they do the same with the other crysis games. It would’ve been nice to see a trilogy remaster.
  7. The only console I ever bought day one was the Dreamcast. At the time, that looked like a significant upgrade compared to the other consoles available. Since then, there hasn’t been that “Oh my god! I need it” feel for other consoles. I’m fine with waiting a bit. Plus, you know, global pandemic and that kinda stuff.
  8. I played the hell out of this on 360. I’m looking forward to diving back into this world again. Really fun game.
  9. Ok, so I finally got this used for around $30. It’s more of the same if you’ve played the RE2 remake only everything about it feels rushed. The new environments aren’t really that impressive and it’s all extremely linear. I finished the campaign in 3 1/2 hours. On my first play through... damn. Im not going to bother with the MP side of it mostly because it doesn’t interest me. But $30 for less then 4 hours still feels like a rip off.
  10. I’m down
  11. Beyond Light Release Window Update > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET November 10th.
  12. Damn shame I didn’t have my share settings on for my 1K reaction. Lol
  13. I’ve got the same roll on my gnawing that you’ve got on your false promise. It’s a beast in either or.
  14. I just finished this game (and platinum trophy) and it’s a hell of a ride. The gameplay is very souls like but not as brutal in my opinion. Story was excellent and the locations, lore and creatures were all well done.

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