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  1. Thank you! My farts are definitely old, but according to the Mrs, lovely they are not 🙂
  2. I do believe you are correct, another year older, as for wiser..............fuck that!!
  3. I played it for a few hours over the weekend. It was ok, but didn't set the world on fire. The sniper rifles were buffed on purpose apparently, although I didn't use them at all, I can't snipe in CoD for shit. Mainly used Assault rifles which were pretty fun to use. It must be bad though because I was scoring and "eliminating" enemies relatively easily. Best game I can remember was Kill Confirmed on the desert map at 36-6. There must have been a load of buddy 8 year old Rambo's playing that one. There was one thing that did make me laugh out loud, some guy was trolling a kid in the pre-game lobby telling him that he had eaten his shit everyday and then called him young man!! 🤣 Maps were ok ish, although I did quite like Miami, which might go against the grain. I'm just not sure this one will capture the imagination as much as Modern Warfare to be honest. We'll see what the Beta brings in Oct and go from there. The only bonus was they were offering a cross gen option on the pre-sale. I'm more looking forwards to seeing what DICE do with Battlefield to be honest.
  4. Maybe the EPL should ban fans forever, that way we'll see a shit ton of goals every week!
  5. So, I was thinking (dangerous I know). However, what is Gareth Bale doing going back to Spurs when he's forged himself a secret Hollywood career??
  6. Can't see the point of pre-ordering the PS5 for release day this time round. Did it for the PS4, but that seemed worth it at the time. Like has been said, no exclusives or anything shout about will be coming through until next year. Therefore, I am going to be a miserly old fucker and keep my hard earnt until early next year at least, not bothered about getting it pre-Christmas this time round. Not even slightly interested in lining Microsoft's pockets by buying the XBox!
  7. Did Neymar get sent off because someone called him a play acting girl!!??
  8. Been out of the mix as been on the leper colony island of Crete for 2 weeks and now having to quarantine for 2 weeks to ensure my limbs don't fall off!! Anyway, the jury is out for me on this one. I need to see more details as haven't played a Treyarch CoD since BO2.
  9. Maybe they'll dig up Cryuff to manage them again!! They are in a shambles at the moment. I'll also be interested to see how Pirlo gets on at Juve, looks like he's planning a clear out there as well. As for my predictions, Inter stepped up big style last night.
  10. Manchester clubs totally blew it on the weekend!! Predictions now. Bayern for the CL and Inter for the Europa League.
  11. Scary shit, can't even imagine how the locals in Beirut are dealing with this. It's similar to the explosion in Tianjin in China a few years ago And now we have the wig wearing idiot in the US is claiming it was a bomb in Beirut!
  12. How not to use a rice cooker
  13. Well, Notts County lost out on the chance to return to the football league yesterday 🙄 Arsenal winning the cup, who'd have put money on that one. Good game though.
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