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  1. Like the app works great Via the FG App
  2. My MWR has downloaded itself and ready to play just the MP button isn't active yet. As long IW is downloading also. Both above 70gb
  3. Because I've ordered it from the store mine will be a download so no disc. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  4. I ordered mine from the PSN store so I didn't need a code I just clicked on download. Enjoying playing it by the way.
  5. I used to like watching it at first but lost interest as it went on, it looked to false and rehearsed for me so maybe my suspicion was correct, same as the storage wars programme as well.
  6. Thought we did really well getting to the point we did, thanks for the help Bob and stretch, would have been even better if I could get something other than mouldering shards from the drops.
  7. That's my thought exactly Dave, it was a bit intense at times but Really enjoyed the experience and would love to have another go so thanks to everyone who helped us and would you help us once again, we are not so nooby as before now.
  8. I'm up for that, Maria is going to be having Wednesday off so if we can do something on a Tuesday we could play a little longer.
  9. We have until about 10pm at the latest so if you can fit a couple of hours in before that it would be great. We are much obliged.
  10. We would love to have another go but the times we are limited to the times we can play due to Maria's work, our best times would be a weekend afternoon starting at maybe 4pm GMT that would give us plenty of time to have a good go at it, thanks for the help.
  11. Lemmy was on a class of his own, Ace of Spades will always be a classic rock record, he had an incredible life and according to an interview I saw with him he said he was surprised he had lived this long given the amount of alcohol and drugs he had taken during his life, rest in peace Lemmy you will always be a legend.
  12. I know this might be a particularly stupid question but what and where is the arcade club,
  13. Nice post, it's made me think twice about buying it, I'm quite disappointed really as I was looking for another game to play along with destiny, think I'll have to keep looking.
  14. I would like to thank everyone who helped Mazzer, Dave and I partly through the raid last night, Jason, Matt, Chip and Sam and if Ive missed anyone off I apologise deeply as I'm not very good with names, you all must have the patience of saints to go through that with us being able to explain and take us through what we did was fantastic, I really enjoyed it even though I spent a bit of it dead waiting for a revive, over four hours keeping calm must have been a feat in itself and I'm very grateful for your efforts. It would be nice if you could help us finish one sometime as it might be a bit
  15. I'll come in with you Dave I also need the practice as well.
  16. Shows how desperate they are for business trying to appeal to the younger players who will buy this sort of crap, glad I abandoned it after the first week.
  17. I have just over22 days 15 of them on my first warlock, I have also a deleted hunter of which I don't know how much time I had on.
  18. I'll certainly give it a go this is on my wish list for this year.
  19. Pre ordered it and looking forward to it.

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