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  1. Happy Birthday Jonny!

  2. The short amount of time I have managed to play I have reall enjoyed... Lv 6 now, and I haven't even done as much as I did in the beta, just been exploring and walking round... Not been in the DZ yet, waiting till I find some more nice gear... 1 thing, where is everyone? I haven't seen another player apart from inside the safe houses?
  3. Looking amazing as always! What will you be stocking with?
  4. I could probably get back into it... Not played for a long time now, I had basic,y maxed everything and was just logging on each day and achieving nothing so I stopped playing... I bet there's a huge amount of new content now, I stopped playing after I finished the update 16 stuff... Personally for me I'm not sure I'll want to get back into it, with the division just around the corner... Warframe is a very time consuming game, and sometimes hours and hours of play can get you nowhere closer to your goals...
  5. Wow, one of the originals returns! Welcome back...
  6. I really don't get the hype with this... Every trailer I have seen does nothing for me, he just seems annoying to me...
  7. Yes... She's very good at... Music... Oh wait I didn't even have the sound on...
  8. Can't speak much about the AI as I don't really play offline modes, probably because the AI is so boring and just plays keep ball... Passing sure is infuriating! Play ultimate team, 100 chemistry, every player on full 10, and players like Xabi alonso, Pirlo etc are just as shite at simple passes than a 50 rated bronze player... Playing every FIFA over the past few years this is certainly the least infuriating of recent times, 16 has more games where it feels even, 14 and 15 almost every game just felt like it had it in for you from the first whistle...
  9. I thought about it, but I don't like the lack of troops and strategies at low levels... But I did like the fact there's always something to be working for that isn't that far away... I mean th9 upgrades average around 6mil, that's alot of raiding and wars... I think I'm just going to click my collectors for a while and try again in a month or so see if I enjoy it again...
  10. Look forward to this in the uk, I'll give it a go. I'm semi retired from clash of clans now... Maxed TH9 and I'm pretty bored...
  11. It makes years of being a boring miserable bastard totally worth it!
  12. Happy happy happy today! Just put down the deposit on this... Picking it up in a week! Quite the upgrade over a 1.2 Ford Fiesta! (Sorry for the bombardment of pictures)
  13. YAY! I used to love Robot Wars! Look forward to see what they are capable of these days! Technology has come a long way since Robot Wars was on to...
  14. Wow, is this in the UK aswell? I have Amazon prime already and haven't heard about this...

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