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  1. Yeah. Same. He’s cheesy but good cheesy. Face/off was one of my favorite action movies back in the day. I don’t understand how a sequel is even possible. Should be deliciously cheesy.
  2. 🍑. I could eat a peach for hours.
  3. Jason

    Dream Car <3

    I want a Ram TRX… maybe the bot can buy me one.
  4. Nice. I just picked it up for under $5. Thanks Chad.
  5. I haven’t played salt and sanctuary yet, I might have to buy it when it goes on sale. I’m a big fan of souls and souls like, buuuuut I haven’t played a 2d game for a while and I’m not sure how I’ll like it. I’ll have to look for it on sale and get it if I ever get tired of elden ring.
  6. I’m scrolling through and see Borris Becker and think, the tennis player from the 80’s?Surely not. 😆 Never know what topics will be discussed on here. Lol
  7. While I should be excited about this, as mw2 was my favorite cod ever and I spent months of game time playing it, I can’t help but think it’s gonna be another game that I play for a few weeks and then never touch again. I hope it re captures the cod magic for me but I won’t keep my hopes up. I’m sure I’ll still get it unless it looks like a dumpster fire. I have zero interest in BR games so hopefully it has a good MP selection and some re hashes of my favorites from back then.
  8. No shield even. Metal! I was so excited the first time I beat her first phase, then instantly got erased by her rot explosion. 😂
  9. Nice. What weapon did you use for her?
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry I’m late in thanking everyone.
  11. Yeah, I think my first play through was about 105 hours, went for the age of stars ending. I just need two more endings to complete platinum. I didn’t back up my save so I’ll probably beat it on new game plus then start a fresh play for the last ending.
  12. Yeah the 2 hand mechanic took some getting used to, but it became pretty natural after a while.
  13. Nice dude. I’m about 65 hours into it and I’m just starting to explore the atlas area and mountains. What a game.
  14. I just killed the head bitch at the academy last night. So I’m gonna be on the hunt for demi god # 3 soon. I have a lot of the lake area to explore before hand. How far are you? James what about yourself?
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