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  1. You can only respawn if you have a team member still alive. So you have be strategic to some level. Fun exploit, fly around in one of the helos while your team is busy killing. unless you do something stupid you are going to be alive for quite a while (until the circle is too small)
  2. I play but the California time zone is probably a show stopper. I play Warzone and cold war and MW. I've gotten some pretty decent Randoms on XBOX, so no complaints
  3. How so? You don't need cold war at all to play war zone.
  4. According to the data MW has sold 30 Million copies making it the about the best selling cod. So I don't think that Activision is too worried about the premature death of the game. MW2 which a lot of us consider the best of all sold 22 million copies. I play Cold war and I personally like it. IT's also the COD were my KD is probably the best of all the games so SBMM is has been good to me. The content providers are the ones that bitch a lot because the can't exploit weak lobbies and have to actually work at it. All these assholes that play 24/7 get thrown in lobbies with people wh
  5. Hi, There isn't that much to it. Most of the effort is creating the wonder weapons and then running around and surviving as long as you can or extracting A new is apparently coming. Not sure exactly when
  6. I find that bloodmoney is better for the challenges. Some have to outright be Battle royal. Winning you gulag matches for example. There aren't that many vehicles on the island. Those are harder. I think some of the contract are available in battle royal only (unfortuntely). The most wanted contract is a real pain in the ass for Stitch
  7. I've played a lot and quite enjoy it. It's great to rank up. I've managed a few of the easter eggs solo. I would team up, however the time difference (I am in California) is a problem. Lag should not be too much of a problem I won't spoil anything but I have strategy that I can provide if you want
  8. Well SBMM is where you get fucked if you happen to be a superior player 😉
  9. I ran both, to be honest it is overhiped. I have had a number of encounters using my DMR at level 31, which I seem to hit the person 7-8 times and they beat me with an AR. The mac-10 is a good finisher. Everyone is running Mac-10/DMR I prefer M16 and Grau. Works for me
  10. 1) The minimap seems ok to me. I have not notice 2) Ghort seems ok still, don't forget - Paranoia, helps you know if someone aims at you - forward intel, helps you know were the enemy will respond - tracker tells shows you the enemy footsteps - field mic, helps with sound - a lot of barrels improve enemy detection So there's a shitload of ways to help detect the enemy and many are immune to ghost. I warzone, tracker is probably the best perk to run. I don't even look at the minimap and often ambush someone with the help of de
  11. I played all week. didn't notice any difference and there were 4-5 trial players in the lobbies at times. Many of which were getting completely shredded. So I don't buy the conspiracy theory. Some of them were indeed better than everage, but how many people here purchased it? I would say the vast majority of people here are better than average and would have no problems getting good scores I was on Xbox
  12. There is more to it than that. The battle is 1300 COD points. If you get to level 100, you get 1300 COD point. So playing through the pass is essentially free and you get all of the content, skins, blue prints, XP tokens. I have it, I had the last one. Paying for the first 20 tiers isn't worth it, but the pass costs 0 if you are going to play a lot
  13. I played. Warzone and multiplayer. No issues on Xbox. Didn't play much however. My Ak-47 is still a beast
  14. I have an Xbox and I have no problems. Zombies can be an issue of the host disconnects but I have never had a problem with multiplayer (I guess I am about to now that I jynxed myself)
  15. Leveling has been pretty easy. I'm getting objective games with over 40 kills so its quite helpfull to get a decent gun what way

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