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  1. By the time they get their servers running properly and sort out their shit it will be 18 months anyways. Might be a good strategy to have a slowly incrementing player base to be able to handle the problems. I played BF since bad company. The game design was always exceptional, the execution was always abysmal at launch. I don't expect that to change
  2. Dice not fucking up. You seem to under estimate DICE's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory. People were saying the same thing for BF4. How long did it take them to fix that shit show?
  3. We are doing alright thanks. Last year was shit for everyone. We decided to move back to Canada. We actually leave next week which should be fun mid-pandemic. My wife can't handle the violence, crime, racism, protest and idiotic politicians. The violence against Asians in the Bay Area has really gotten to her where she feels unsafe walking alone. The brings the dog everywhere. I see a lot of the facebook post from you and your family. Seems like all is good on side. Hope it is
  4. Crypto is too speculative for me. I am not that far from retirement so I try to pick safer bets. I do see however most financial and banking funds are starting to include crypto. Some of my tech ETF have it, so I do not need to increase my position in them Same reason I don't own tesla although its done incredibly well. I picked VW in stead. I see them having a better long run and perhaps even being acquired for the electric road map. the smartest thing tesla could do it to acquire them My son who is working on getting his license as an investment adviser (a
  5. that's one strategy. I have not used it so I cannot comment on it's effectiveness Ours is 80-20. Invest 80% of what you are willing to invest in the stocks and keep 20% on hand for buyig opportunities When a stock grows to more than 50%, take your gains and put it in the cash pool for the other buys opportunities We had a broker before and that was his strategy. Now we just do it ourselves because it worked and my wife likes picking the stocks and she's pretty good at it
  6. We've been investing in stocks for close to 25 years now. Most of our retirement portfolio is stocked based. We aren't day traders. We have a longer term strategy which means less risk and steadier stocks The first question you need to answer is what is your risk tolerance. The easiest is to invest in an index fund. Madoff for example. They will pick all of the stocks for you and you buy a collection of the stocks. You can also look at the holdings a pick the ones that do well or just buy what you like. My key ones are apple, disney, berkshire,
  7. Nah, I rock the stoner and the AK47 and MP5.
  8. exfil is ending the game by getting the chopper to come in and surviving the Zombie attack, killing them all within the needed time frame
  9. Nah, All the streamers and content providers are too chicken shit to play the upper tier. The would much rater find the 0.4 KD players to exploit. Every complaint I hear about SBMM is that it makes the lobby to hard for most people because people now have to compete with simillar skills. I doubt that the same people would go into an upper tier and make their life difficult intentionally. I remember being in lobbies with Mike, Kyle, Jake, Sam which pretty much meant a win. I'd struggle to get 5 kills before it was all over while Kyle would get a back to back sniping nuk
  10. I want a COD that is basically a boots on the ground version of COD. Not jet packs/magnetic boots or shit like that. There are other games for that. I want a COD with new maps. I sick of the same maps re-ashed. if they want to release old maps I ok with that, but they should all be available at launch. It should take them very long to do Nuketown/rust over again and again and again I like the basic score streaks. Focus on the fundamentals. UAV/Counter/care package/Sentry/attack helo/cruise missile/chopper gunner/ac-130/advance UAV. I don't particularly like those OP crazy ass streak
  11. I agree with Dave. the Media/Government wanted facebook to pay the Media for having the Media's content on their platform. The said pay us or else. Facebook's response was "or else". They have no obligation whatsoever to carry anyone content if those people insist on being paid to carry the content. If Australia and media wants to reach the public they can use the own platform
  12. I don't know how they would tie this into Warzone which is the real money maker here.
  13. Warzone is a free game. the skins have also carried over. I think I spent $10 on the season pass, after that it was all free. Warzone has carried over and still going pretty strong. So I don't agree. Activision is also smashing revenue records so a lot of people must be buying to shitty skins for Warzone given that Cold war was pretty lukewarm
  14. Isnt that how fortnite makes money and set a bunch or records.
  15. You can only respawn if you have a team member still alive. So you have be strategic to some level. Fun exploit, fly around in one of the helos while your team is busy killing. unless you do something stupid you are going to be alive for quite a while (until the circle is too small)

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