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  1. Will be one I definately pick up, that said I have at home FF Tactics advance 2 and have not played that yet πŸ˜„ But yeah this is one to get on the Switch most definately ^_^ In fact I have a feeling I have played this briefly before, maybe on the PSP?
  2. JRPG's are very much my go to ^_^ But it depends a lot on the type of combat you enjoy, sticking with the retro theme game rather than moving to modern titles - Tactical games, my go to would probably be fire emblem or shining force series (the latter being on megadrive albeit rather expensive these days) For something similar to Final Fantasy, the Breath of Fire games are brilliant πŸ™‚ Otherwise it has got to be the Suikoden games probably ^_^ Some of the best JRPG's ever to be made (especially the PS1 era games) I much prefer the turn based combat, the action style is fine but I just grew up on the turn based stuff and if done well it can be brilliant (Dragon Quest XI for example).
  3. I finished that one as well @Riff Machine , so I am 3 chapters down now (I have done the Japanese one as well), and whilst I am enjoying them I just feel like it is missing something to link all of the stories together at the moment. It is nice playing short stories as it means I am completing them which is something that typically take's forever with such limited time as a dad! The voice acting is quite good and I must admit, with it being the first proper 2d-hd game I have sunk my teeth into it has really won me round (and it looks great on the OLED screen)
  4. There were some great consoles but I had to go PS2, the games still hold up well today and we still saw the experimentation of early gaming but with decent 3d models and the such. The hardware was impressive, we saw customisation with different coloured consoles and the range of games was brilliant from JRPG's to first person shooters. I mean you had time crisis, GTA San Andreas & Final Fantasy X all on one console ^_^ It saw a lot of the traction for a lot of the game series we enjoy today. It had backwards compatibility, we saw voice acting turn up and really between the PS2 and xbox I think it brought the console properly into everyone's homes. The consoles before were great but all of a sudden you had everyone's house owning one. My wife grew up in a poorer household and they were never really interested in video games being girls in the 90s / early 2000s, it was much more of a boy thing but even their household had a couple. (In fact she thinks her mom still has an upopened Silver PS2 which I am banking on getting hold of at some point πŸ˜„ ) I could go on about the positives of every console there, they are all great in their own way πŸ™‚
  5. I booted up streets of rage on the megadrive last night with the CRT I picked up recently and it looks surprisingly good. I always thought that graphics had come on leaps and bounds but honestly the 16bit era holds up incredibly well with the right set up. The other thought I had was the time spent waiting for each level to load, there was nothing.... I know there is a lot more data to load with modern consoles but it wasn't all that long ago that Sony were bragging about having next to no gaming load times, then I played the megadrive yesterday and was like 'oh wait they are basically copying Sega πŸ˜„ ' I think one thing that I probably miss and appreciate at the same time is the evolving of game guides / in game information (waypoints)etc. It's all made easy to speed up our gaming time, as I have gotten older I have less and less time to actually game so this allows me to complete games. However I look back at the Final Fantasy games on the PS1 as my favourite era and at that time I used relatively little to no guidance. This brought more to the experience though, the exploration and the discovery. In fact the first time I play FFVII I missed Fort Condor completely, imagine my surprise finding it years later! The other thing is I sometimes feel obligated to play with friends, if I get a message of an evening 'do you want to play clubs' or 'is anyone up for battlefield' I feel a little obligated to join them (especially if I haven't gamed with that person or group for a week or so). The other thing is, developers need to realise bigger does not always mean better. We have seen it a lot with ubisoft games and the likes of Just cause over recent years. I would much rather they spend time on much more crafted smaller worlds. Now that I have my retro set up, I am just sorting out my gaming storage to make things more accessible but I can see it taking up some more time in my gaming schedule going forwards, there is a lot more uniqueness.
  6. I have this too πŸ™‚ Completed the prehistoric chapter last night, it was shorter than I thought it would be and while you can figure out what is going on it probably worked far more of my brain than I would have liked it to! Gameplay is great and it looks really good too!
  7. Was my favourite growing up and I still have many of the games (albeit caseless) from my younger years. Back then I was very much a JRPG only fan (multiplayer online had not turned up yet and I was a bit of a loner in my younger years, really did not like people, to be fair I still don't πŸ˜„ ) But just thought I would share a couple of the games in my PS1 collection -
  8. I haven't played Crash from the last one yet πŸ˜„ Tony Hawk' I will give a go just because nostalgia, Yakuza is a brilliant game so would highly recommend πŸ™‚ Little nightmares I could not get into when I tried previously and with such a backlog already will probably give it a miss ^_^
  9. For me it's slightly more recent with the PS1 era of Final Fantasy, I often listen to the soundtracks whilst I am working (especially if it's an overly stressful or busy day) as most of it is quite relaxing πŸ˜„ Would love to see one of the orchestra events they put on every now and again.
  10. I think the key thing is that older games being designed for CRTs made the most of them. Upscaling those images as is shown in that article often makes things look more blocky (and often just bad). Pro gamers have been moving back to CRTs too due to the lack of input lag (though im sure i wouldnt be able to tell)
  11. I am yet to listen to the first 2, just waiting for my wife to go out (if she doesn't today she's out of the house tomorrow so give me a nudge tomorrow and I will have a list πŸ™‚ ) I have followed it on spotify though so hopefully will remind me, I need a new podcast to listen to so it comes at the right time ^_^
  12. Thanks guys, there are some good suggestions there that I will check prices of. Only genre I don’t really play is racing. Do you guys get fussy over boxed vs unboxed? (Seems to be something I am less bothered by these days)
  13. Sony have done something similar before ^_^ Nintendo have tried some fantastic idea's over the years, I mean you only have to consider the wii controller. You would not see Microsoft or Sony attempting some of the things Nintendo have.
  14. I think I need some suggestions πŸ˜„ I am getting a little Β£45 from work back in expenses from last month that I forgot about and as it's not in my budget for this month I reckon I can justify picking up a new game or 2 so recommendations please πŸ˜„ N64, SNES, Any PS or gameboy console πŸ™‚ I'm building out my collection atm to my wife's dismay, I only have 1 cupboard in the house to fill though so will be sorting it and kitting it out with decent shelving this month at some point so I can fit more in πŸ˜„
  15. That's a lovely collection! I get envious of people's collections like this, I have spent a fortune on games in my life and at points had to let stuff go due to hardships etc. The other thing is how does anyone have space once they become an adult (Especially if you have children!!)
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