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  1. Love
    GazzaGarratt reacted to J-Lurch in Pro Clubs - Monday Night Football   
    Another good night for the FG team. Pick up some more valuable points and rise to Div 3. Jordie scored a cracking goal and defended magnificently therefore won player of the week. 

  2. Love
    GazzaGarratt reacted to J-Lurch in FGFC Monday Night Football - FIFA 22 Pro Clubs   
    Another great night of eFootball. We managed to achieve some good results. Had a blast like normal anyways! GGFG! 
    Player of the week: Macca

  3. Haha
    GazzaGarratt reacted to Diddums in Corrodoory: Euan's Attending Edition!   
    This is the best event in the world. It changed my life. I am a better person for participating in this event. 

    Women wanna be inside me, men wanna be with me, and dogs stopped pissing on my leg.
    Would go again 10/10
  4. Haha
    GazzaGarratt reacted to Tadnothad in Corrodoory: Euan's Attending Edition!   
    Diddums made this event, he ensure we all had a good time and I made sure we all had a happy ending. Lovely. 
  5. Haha
    GazzaGarratt reacted to crispymorgan in GTA FG Races   
    I'll write the review to save time later.  I was winning for the first 90% of the race, then diddums/greboth knocked me off.  I finished last.  This game is shit.
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