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  1. Love the game. I would go out and buy a new PlayStation if I could (had to sell my old one last month) for that game alone. But my son brings his with him from time to time when he visits. So could play if people where up for it on some weekends. 🙂
  2. Hey all, Haven't been making much noice lately, and been around even less. For personal reason I will be taking a break. Don't know if we are talking weeks or months. Hope you all are doing well. âĪïļ Xo Sarah
  3. Welcome my friend. Good to have you here!
  4. Using the server downtime to share this achievement with you guys here in FG 😁   Enjoy! This is among some of my fondest memories/achievements in Destiny.
  5. Zaxzar

    Vow fresh

    Oh just noticed it will be a cp. I signed off again. Gl 👌
  6. If only I had the money ðŸ˜ĩ‍ðŸ’Ŧ
  7. Old video of me playing elimination with friends.   All 3 had their supers going 😄 Notice it is round 10 - we had a draw round.
  8. Zaxzar

    Legendary campaign

    they propperly wont - but you miss 100% of the chances you dont take 😄
  9. Zaxzar

    Legendary campaign

    2 gamers who wanna run the legend campaign with me at launch? Yes I know servers will be shit. Will still give it a try. Only thing I ask is that we go in blind. Watch all cutscreens and so on. And cast anyone who spoils anything to the depths of hell.
  10. Ty all for the warm welcome. âĪïļ I really appreciate it. 😀😀
  11. I actually didn't have the tape deck myself. I had the big big floppy disks! 😅 I still remember the sound they made! What was the commands... Load dir Load "Whatevergamewasobthedir" Something like that? 😅
  12. Haha you are so sweet. You did not in the slightest 😅👌 don't worry. You handled your down pretty good! ðŸĪŠ
  13. Hi all, So. Who is Zaxzar? Well great question. Can start with the what. A year ago I was 36, and went by the name of Lars. Today I am 37 and goes by the name Sarah. Confused? Well let me clarify. I am a 37 year old transgender woman. Been out for a little over half a year. I go by she/her. I know this is something that can be instinctive challenging when communicating over voice chats, because I haven't started voice training yet. So I forgive you in advanced if/when you get this wrong. As long it isn't done on purpose, we are just A-OK. âĪïļðŸ˜ðŸ‘Œ Okay. to what really matters. Who am I (at least gaming wise), and how did I end up in your community? It started a very long time ago on a Commodore 64. A little later in life I got my older brothers Amiga 500. Here I played a game called "Sid Meyer's Pirates". This is where my gamer tag Zaxzar got born. So I have been using this tag at least 25+ years. I have played PC most of my life, but over the last 5+ or so years, I have moved to PlayStation. Of my all-time favorite games I can mention: Sid Meyer's Colonization Sid Meyer's Pirates Sonic I and II Curse of Monkey Island (the first 4 at least) Deux Ex (the original one. Wow what a story) Zelda World of Warcraft (the first few expansions. The panda expansion kind of killed it for me) Diablo 1+2+3 (I moved to PlayStation somewhere after Diablo 3 got released. I started on PC in that game, but moved to PlayStation. Fun fact: I was number 1 in the world in the hardcore ranking on my monk in 2 seasons) After I started to burn out on Diablo 3, PS Plus made the base game of Destiny 2 free when they released Forsaken. And I picked it up. And have been hooked ever since. In Destiny I have been quite enveloped and engaged in the community. I used to run PvE recovs alot (have done around 100 Petra's run recovs for example) But this started to burn me out quite a bit, and stepped back from all of that. The people you play with that does this as a business are very very toxic. If you make a mistake in a speedrun of a raid, with a fireteam if recovs, shit really hits the fan. Because time is money. I liked the aspect of challenges of speedrunning, no matter the account I was on. But if the toxicity is there, it just ain't for me. Been in a lot of the highly competitive clans, and also been admin in all of them. One of the latest clans I was in was Valhalla. First I stepped down as admin, because of an increasing frustration I had with some aspects of the leadership, and the workload. I then left them after a transphobic attack on me from an admin. I demanded an apology, and wasn't given one, and there was no consequences. For me inaction is the same as greenlighting it, so I chose to move on. This wasn't the only reason I left tho, but it did make it easy for me. The general tone of the forums, had become more and more juvenile over time. And with this, toxic. I joined an old clan of mine, where alot of my friends where still in after, but left them because they where too PvP focused for my taste. And now I am here. âĪïļ Why did I join you? Well I joined because I heard of you through teenwolf, after he also left Valhalla. He spoke highly of you, and have had the pleasure of playing with some of you through his friendship over the years too. I thought that if the rest of you are just half as enjoyable to play with as them, this is gonna be a good home for me. What do I focus on today? I am still mainly focused on raids and PvE content. Not as much as I used to do. Lost a lot of my passion for raiding after they sunset more than half the raids in the game. Will look forward to get to learn more about you all. Now what questions do you have? Xo Sarah
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