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  1. I agree with the recommendations for God of War, it's an incredible game. It's one of the last PS4 games I've played a few years ago before I left the platform for the Switch and Series X. The valkyrie fights are intense; you will die a lot but the challenges are fair and are always rewarding. Loved platinum-ing the game so much.
  2. It's my first time finding out that the people behind this game aren't the same ones as the Arkham series of games — I think I now know why you guys are apprehensive. I am now too hehe. But yeah, I'm optimistic too. Arkham Knight was pretty awesome but I hated that you needed to complete the game on hard to see the actual ending. Requiring the player to play the game again for the full story is bad enough for me, but having them play hard mode to see what an ending that's supposedly already served upfront is, I think, bad design. Don't get me wrong, if you enjoyed it, that's awesome — no issues with that of course! Just that after that it felt like there's a big gaping hole for good DC games they need to fill up so they bring back the goodness of Arkham Asylum and City. Like all of you guys, I'm hoping it's this one. I have already pre-ordered it so there's no backing out. 🤣
  3. I was going through older posts and I came across this. And thought, you know what, jumping was indeed a simple but major contribution to the game that made FromSoftware casuals like me have a fighting chance with the game. It really adds so much. This video should be proof (shamelessly sharing my Malenia boss fight clip here) POTENTIAL SPOILER though for people who do not want to see Malenia or some minor dialogue from her. It's such an awesome way to close the gap then follow it up with 2-3 hits. Plus if you're locked on to the enemy and the enemy is attacking, there's a tendency for the camera to spin, you're still locked on and you would most likely hit, but the enemy will miss since the camera/view has already spun. Anyway, I love this game a lot. It's my first proper Souls game and granted I am overleveled at this point (165 IIRC?) and I'm using an OP summon, I still enjoyed it immensely and thought it was a challenge 😄
  4. Thanks a lot! Sorry my bad I didn't look properly first. I've since beaten this game and acquired all achievements. I read somewhere if you keep the save file, it should load a special item on Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes. Guess I'll play that on the Xbox too then! 😄
  5. Saw The Accountant yesterday on Netflix after work. Rewatched it, more like. Really like it. I hate Ben Affleck for backing away from the Batman movie projects, I thought he was good in the role but outside of that he seems pretty good in these oddball roles. The last time I really admired his work was as far back as Good Will Hunting. Highly recommending The Accountant if you want something easy to watch (I mean, no Christopher Nolan mental feats like Interstellar or Tenet hehe), it's pretty enjoyable.
  6. Hey there, FG friends! Is anybody else interested or planning to play Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising? I have been waiting for this! Of course, the main attraction is Eiyuden Chronicle which comes out next year. Deemed as a successor to the Suikoden series, the guys behind the beloved JRPG series formed their own studio and launched the development of the game with a successful Kickstarter campaign. They now have the funding and we'll just need to wait for the main game to come out next year. Rising is a prequel game and combines elements of platform and city building. So far, it's fun. You'll probably dislike it a bit if you hate fetch quests, which the game is mostly built upon (for the first hour, at least) but the game is reminiscent of simple PS1 JRPGs and I think that's the main appear for me. It's currently on Game Pass (I know there are lot of Xbox gamers here, too) but it's also available on Steam/PC, PS4/PS5, and Switch. So far, it's only digital, but if a physical edition comes out, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. XD
  7. The boss designs look amazing! I'm glad they're really adopting the cooperator system from Elden Ring. ER was my first Souls game, I never used the cooperator system (not by preference though, just wanted to see how far I can go without it but luckily I was able to beat it that way) but I'm still happy it's there as a choice. They pad the boss' HP as a way to balance things out and it makes harder boss encounters less stressful.
  8. Thanks! That's awesome, we had almost the same lineup! You're right, I think it was when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came over when demand for magazines kind of dwindled down. I think they were at an all time high during the 16 bit period to PS1, so-so during the PS2 and Dreamcast, and after that pretty much everybody moved to digital. The only reason I got those Xbox 360 magazines was due to the demo discs they had. It's just incredible value. To my regret, I had to let go of about 5-7 Xbox 360 magazines complete with their complimentary discs to be bundled with some Xbox 360 games I had to sell a few years ago (I needed the money).
  9. Here it is guys, sorry my camera is terrible but I wrote a note for FG hehe 😄 I put Play magazines forward since they're from the UK, I thought it might be good to have some representation ❤️ The one on the left is the OLDEST magazine I have here and it's for the NES haha. I can't believe they're all still alive.
  10. Great topic!!! I still have a stack of these, I'm gonna get them out, take a pic, and show it to you guys on another post (sorry I can't at the moment since it's in a separate part of the house). EGM was my absolute favorite from back in the day. I used to read strategies of games and pretend I was playing it by getting absorbed in the screenshots hehe.
  11. Same. Ever since posting here, I gave the game a few weeks and months but the game never comes up on my feed. I'm not sure if Elden Ring is just awesome and it's taking over too much or that there's really nothing to talk about this one. 😕 Haha good guess. Hope it comes over to Game Pass, too. 😄
  12. I totally agree. I main as an 80 STR two handed Tarnished and jumping heavy has always been my business, from mobs to bosses. Pair that with the claw talisman then buff it up with a War Cry and it's a pretty solid tactic through and through. And high again Forever Gaming peeps! I'm sorry it's been a while XD So much has happened from just wanting this game to actually playing it. I'm now 100 hours in haha. Anyone had trouble with the paintings? It's one of the things in ER that I really use a guide on. Just throwing this in to contribute: Elden Ring Weapons and Armor Rewards to Get From Paintings TRENDINGNEWSWALA.ONLINE The best Elden Ring armor and weapons are often hidden behind cryptic messages and secrets. Learn more about the paintings in the...
  13. Was pretty disappointed to see this on the PS4 before and I can agree with sentiments about losing steam for the game at this point. Hype plays a huge part in games and if it isn't there, it's very easy to just pick up another title. I never touched the game again but got a copy for Xbox as part of my purchase for the Series X and I'm just happy the game is in a playable state, but that's because I never played nor touched the game in any form since purchase. I can imagine it must have been frustrating for people who tried to give CDPR the benefit of the doubt and still played the game in its unfinished state. I was also particularly weirded out that they had to do the next gen remake for Witcher 3 when they were still doing it for this one, I mean, sure, they reached their target date of 2022 Q1 but this could have been easier if they had more focus on CP2077. Still, I'll happily take patch 1.5 and I can't wait to finally play this on the weekend. 🙂
  14. Yeah... I would probably give the poster a pass too. But steel case or art book, count me in though £200 is pretty heavy! I'm always a sucker for art books included in special editions. Wish we had these editions, at the very least, the one you first showed. I'm hoping for a pleasant surprise that my pre-order has at least those art cards but whatever happens, I'm happy just to get the physical. Just 2 weeks more!!!
  15. Hello, Sarah! Welcome aboard! I enjoyed reading your gaming experiences. That's awesome, you've been pretty much around! Retired D2 player here. I'm thinking of getting back to the Witch Queen hehe. I'm a bit of a newbie here myself and I have to say you absolutely won't regret joining. Love the gaming discussions and fine folks here. I can express Xbox and PS opinions without getting hated on haha. In any case, enjoy your stay! If I do get back to playing D2 I will post in the respective thread and maybe we can do some activity. 😄
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