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    Navan Ireland Now .... No longer in bars ☹️
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    Gaming .. Obviously
    I am trying to get better at foruming and social media right now 😂😂 a lot has changed in the 5 years I've been gone

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  1. Absolutely delighted for all of the lads who won their awards ! Its important as a community to stick together and acknowledge when some of us go above and beyond. Well done lads 🥳🥳
  2. A big corporation "looking into it".... hmm 😂 i fucking hope so they can't be listening to the shit I say
  3. Its a good shout mate . I really don't understand sony's decision here . The need to moderate a voice chat is absurd but here we are. If only PlayStation could communicate with Discord. Or possibly run a voice chat through Discord on mobile?
  4. STE M

    Season 4

    We've all been cucked ladies and gents
  5. STE M


    Shotgun's are far from useless man [emoji848] The R09 is brilliant and the shotgun rounds for the .357 is pretty good Via the FG App
  6. The part I'm happy about is the ability to level up your multiplayer weapons. If there is a class you suck with .... Snipers for example you can get some xp on bots and get new attachments to make them more usable Via the FG App
  7. STE M

    The Return

    They are bread rolls sir [emoji23] Via the FG App
  8. STE M

    The Return

    We've played many more than that mate [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
  9. STE M

    The Return

    Give it time. And he will be known as not Ste [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
  10. Little lies don't hurt [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Do it ! Do it ! Via the FG App
  11. Literally the same [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] wow PS4 now obviously Via the FG App
  12. There will most likely be a patch fix upon launch. Maybe a few hours into the first day I'd imagine Via the FG App
  13. STE M

    The Return

    Haha ! Absolutely more trouble man . I'm playing a bit of Black ops 4, Rainbow Six and the division 2 lately. I will most definitely be up for the new COD get togethers though mate Via the FG App
  14. STE M

    The Return

    Hi Everyone ! After a long hiatus I am finally back and exploring my love for gaming all over again. Older members may remember me as the other Irish guy To new members I am Ste ! I'm from Dublin Ireland I only really play on the playstation but cross play is coming soooo I can wreck noobs on Xbox soon . Anyway I'll be around the forum and chatting with everyone Via the FG App
  15. For me if it's only cosmetic it doesn't cause any problems when they start to incorporate weapons it'll be an issue. Like Blops 4 some guns are battle pass like requirements Via the FG App

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