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    I am trying to get better at foruming and social media right now 😂😂 a lot has changed in the 5 years I've been gone

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  1. Yes lads ! Yes ! I still play BF4. It is so so good and was criminally underrated. Who needs CoD when you can have these all out wars. Even though i will still be on PS4 cannot wait to see what is coming
  2. Oh you definitely have a point mate. Its this whole cancel culture thing that makes me ill though.
  3. Can't believe he was sacked for that. That's mild on the interweb 😂😂
  4. Hmm i will have to see man. Car games for me are tantamount to having glass stuck in ones urethra 😂
  5. I am intending to get on lads as per usual where Battlefield is concerned! Hope chat later lads
  6. BFV never disappoints. Great fun lads
  7. Firstly i feel i speak for all that its BS i can only pick one 😂😂 i love coffee and alcohol equally and Occasionally at the same time ❤
  8. Somehow less ragey playing against eachother 😂😂 it was fantastic craic .
  9. That was a blast lads more of this !❤
  10. You beautiful man
  11. Holy shit thank you sire 👏👏
  12. Hey Everyone sooo my kids thought it would be a great idea to smash my controller multiple times .... and its finally checked out . After numerous repairs i have done, the analogue sticks packed in and these i cannot fix. Who knew cheap Chinese parts wouldn't last. However. I am coming to you wonderful lot to advise me on the best possible cheap PS4 controller ideally wireless 🙄 Send help.....
  13. We need to do this again ....
  14. @Macca89 that was a fucking hilarious session 😂😂😂
  15. Count me in mate . Once the children and woman are in bed I'll be on !

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