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  1. Thats a great review @Riff Machine , im really looking forward to playing it myself. How was it for scares and creepy moments compared to the previous games?
  2. Thats a great review @Riff Machine , im really looking forward to playing it myself. How was it for scares and creepy moments compared to the previous games?
  3. I really like the red one, definitely going to invest in one of those in the future, always handy to have a second controller 😁
  4. Ok, sweet, ill give the ps5 a download then, will be worth trying when i eventually back on it with the gang lol
  5. Aaaah ok, i thought that might be the case. Didnt realise that it would be a tenner to pay in June to keep the ps5 version. Honestly the only time that i have played it recently was on a friday night with the FG peeps so think i wll stick to just keeping the ps4 version if you cant play across generations
  6. I played the Village demo last night and i have to agree with whats been said that its nothing special from what ive played so far, seemed like a pretty generic horror game throughout the demo. I expected it to be a bit more creepy to be honest, ill probably pick it up when the price comes down on it but ill have to satisfy my horror gaming needs with something else for now
  7. So i've fot the ps4 disc version of wreckfest already, but now the ps5 version is free on the ps plus games for May i am tempted to download it. Question is, will i be still be able to play with the peeps on the ps4 version if i get it, or is it like Fifa 21 and i would still need the ps4 version to play online with peeps who are on the ps4?
  8. I've really enjoyed the tourney so far, been great to play individual games and get to know some of the peeps a little more through one on one games as sometimes it can get a bit difficult to get a convo going with all the manicness of monday night fifa 😂😂 i've had some mixed results but been enjoying the games no mtter the outcomes. I really need to get some more of my games done. Its awesome that we've been able to get 40 games already though!!
  9. I like 1,3 and 5 dude, those all all look pretty sweet 😁
  10. Do we know how big the update is? Deffo getting it started when i get in from work lol. I'm happy about the storage update, when games are coming out at almost 100GB it will be good to have that extra storage for them
  11. I have to agree with you, i played the demo and think it will be a great horror game, but i wouldnt necessarily call it an RE game. I've always associated RE with zombies and would love another proper RE game, i still need to play the remakes of RE2 and RE3 though. I read yesterday that RE7 - 9 will be its own story trilogy so this should somehow lead on from 7
  12. Wow!!! This is awesome! I've only been a member of the group for a few weeks now but i've been really enjoying it. Everyone one in the fifa group has been really welcoming and i'm loving the banter with the guys, although i'm surprised i wasn't booted after giving away 3 pens in one night 😂. Everyone is so supportive of one another too which is really cool. Didn't know you could donate either, deffo have to find that page. This group is awesome and i'm really happy to be a part of it. GGFG peeps
  13. So after checking out some reviews i've decided to go for the steelseries arctis 1 😁 thanks for the helps guys, much appreciated 😁👍
  14. 😂😂 i can pick either up in argos today 😁
  15. Ok, so i can get the steelseries arctis 1x or the astro a10 today, both are £49.99 and as its only for once or twice a week use i'm happy with this price for now i think. Just trying to decide which one to go for now

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