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  1. Hello! Thanks for that @Greboth. Just wondering if I can just download it on twitch since it's on there? That should work the same way right?
  2. Hello guys! @tronic44is updating the 7D2D server to alpha 19.2 (most recent update). Make sure you update yours before joining the server again. 🙂
  3. @Greboth, sounds like a plan. I'll get my stuff done and be online sometime this PM. @tronic44, not going to lie, demolition zombies with any base doesn't mix well. lol. Thinking about the garage, I remember that if you use the steep part of the wedge tips, it creates a really steep ramp. Too steep that even zombies can't go up. Despite this, their AI still sees it as a viable way to get to humans. This was on the previous alpha but not sure if this is still the case on alpha 19. We can somehow take advantage of this feature if it works in creating our new base as a ch
  4. I'll be getting on at some point today and will see what I've unlocked to build stuff we need. To summarise, we need: - pocket mods - steel armour - more bikes @Greboth has unlocked making steel clubs. Can you make us some steel clubs please? I'm still using a level 6 wooden club with mods. 😂 not very effective at killing multiple zombies at a time. 😅 Were in a really good place with ammo since we have thousands of gun powder and bullet tips. Unfortunately, we are always lacking on brass which is always harder to get loads of. I'v
  5. Were on day 41 almost so horde night is upon us. We're looking good on ammo and still making more. Looking forward to playing with lots of people tonight. Should be on around 7pm ish. 🙂
  6. We are so going to want that perk especially during end game when it's harder to come by brass! Nice one. You're the door destroyer. 😂
  7. I've not checked the pathing for zombies for Alpha 19 yet unfortunately. Although the last time I made a base in Alpha 18, zombies can't climb up high ramps (made from wedge) as too steep. So I made a pyramid using wedge blocks and stayed at the top. Was standing on iron bars shooting down at them. Have you guys had any experiences with bases that worked for you?
  8. Catch up later at 8pm on discord. 👍😋
  9. Pros and cons on the game. I've tried a few bases where everything was in 1 place. It does have an element of risk for sure. Happy to play either way and whatever works for everyone. It's different when you have lots of people to play with as well. Looking forward to the new changes. 😝
  10. I'm in agreement with the reset. Definitely in agreement with @phil bottle. I think we only really need half the materials we've used on the existing base to make a better base from scratch. It may be a good idea to discuss what the plans are for the new base and see what we can design. An idea as well - to have separate living space VS horde base. Don't shit where you eat kind of scenario. 😂 I'm going to watch YouTube videos to get ideas. Glock9Gamer and Jawoodle are both my favourite 7D2D YouTubers.
  11. It's been some busy times for me and haven't been playing 7d2d as much as I'd like. I started doing this online course since it seemed like a good idea when I registered. lol. And I've been helping @Emma with dyeing her hair blue. And also started watching Dragonball, the very first one from 1980s. I'm still not sure if this was a good idea since I now have the rest of my life to watch the remaining 1,000,000,000 episodes. LOL. So.... I was wondering if anyone wanted to play on Friday or Sunday? @Plumbers Crack your username is hard to as
  12. Good luck with that! hopefully you get it sorted soon. I tend to login with whichever one works. I typically prefer google and then use facebook. If that doesn't work, I will manually register. Technology is making people lazy as things become a bit more convenient. hehe.
  13. Hello! Kamusta? Are you currently living in the Philippines?
  14. She said she is going to do it now so she should be on it soon. I can do tonight if you're up for it. If not tonight, it would be Friday evening or Sunday anytime.
  15. The next horde night is upon us. Were on day 27 pm now I believe. Last I checked was last night. Thought we'd jump on when there are more people to prepare for the horde night. We need more ammo and need some more reinforcing of the base. Looking forward to the next horde night with you guys! The more people that join in on the night, the more zombies should spawn. The more the merrier they say. haha. You guys planning on going on tonight?

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