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  1. Might as well, have not gamed in a bit.
  2. thoughts @phil bottle?
  3. so remember to upload every time if you are working on your main base!
  4. I ended up dying there in a pile of my own vomit as you do. But alas, I was respawned in the middle of the woods in the upper east part of the map. 26k later, I've found the little camp the gents are at. My mild ocd kicked in when I noticed all the storage are basically dump boxes. So @RenFenggeand I start to figure out how to build more and fix it. She wonders off as she does and @crispymorgan and I were taking turns performing CPR on her until she had enough blood to not pass out. We both realized building is harder than it should/needs to be and we logged off for the night. Looks like next step is building a new base in the NW part of the map for activities. All I know is I watched a video where I could be a grower of the drugs and sell them to a drug vending machine. This is the kinda modded gameplay I can get behind. Vendors and a point. If the point was to survive I feel like I've accomplished that during my 26k walkabout. Job done, need something else to keep me interested. After all, this is really a pvp game.
  5. When are you guys usually logging on? I've been stuck in NMS as I forgot how much fun the base building is.
  6. Yea I'm sure the PC is quicker for moving but I can't asked to start again. Saves are not cross play. I've gotten used to it again like left stick to run not right etc. For the most part, everyone is on PS so the chat is easier on everyone. But discord should solve that at some point hopefully.
  7. Nice! I'm a launch player as well, got Platinum then left it alone for 3-4 years. It's been really fun playing again. Found an exotic bird already, got my free freighter, and now working on those new living ships. It's changed a lot since launch for sure. It's cross play so the version should not matter. We can add to you the PS chat, not sure if we are friends on there yet but I've added @GazzaGarratt to it so I'm assuming he can!
  8. It's 8 ppl in the same instance on console and 32 for steam. Basically, we can all be in the same instance and play together. The party thing is for sharing assets I think. We can all edit bases as long as we are on friends list. They have a friend code we will need for cross play, that seems to be it. Chat will probably have to be be on Discord which is annoying for some unless you can can log into PS chat.
  9. Paradise Planet found, come join us in the Bearded Oasis and set up a nice tranquil base to start exploring. With orange waters and blue grass, you will love this world of islands. So far, we have found Exotic S/ Bird ship, S/Scanner mod, S/Hyperdrive, and S/Pulse to get your ship in tippy top shape.
  10. Since I've played like 20 mins with this, can you build? Or is constant wandering around trying to not die?
  11. Played like 5 hours last night, the new outlaw update is pretty neat. I've stated fresh and the game sucked me right back in. Tons more to do and multiplayer was super fun, seamless and a pleasure. Played with an old friend and it was like we never left. Tons more to explore!
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