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  1. When the world thinks of America, they think of Dodge drivers. They are correct, dodge is the most stereotypical brand for Americans.
  2. It's Tuesday so it's 🌮 time bitches...
  3. Nice little walk today, only a few good ones. Click for full photos!
  4. Which one of you is this??? https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeawJEaE/
  5. That's the other way around, many NY shops have won competitions in Naples over the years so... Chi town only wins fat dude awards at country fairs in the midwest, like right next to folks who won some ribbon for a 300lb pumpkin or some shit.
  6. There's no fight, it's a well documented fact...don't know where @The3rdWalker is but as long as it's not Chicago I'm ok. Those fuckers eat casserole 🥘 not pizza.
  7. Well after a failed night of shooting, (new cards and stupid wrong setting) the only shots are from our food. YES, YES WE ARE HAVING PIZZIA AGAIN. I don't want to hear shit from anyone. We have some of the best pizza in the world here and damn it, fat kid gonna fat kid. We also had some stuff artichokes as an app. best part is, I get to eat the other half for lunch tomorrow!!
  8. Glad I did not buy this game. It's the one disaster I've not played. (NMS at launch, Anthem, etc...) Yay me!
  9. This is me for sure right now as well, I'm enjoying it for sure. We just got some new bangers too and I'm enjoying the new power and speed. I'm also basically a 3 hour guy too so no worries at all. Most of my time was spent being lost I think. I'll head back to you guys when you're on.
  10. I too have this game, maybe 20 hours in. I made the mistake of jumping outside the safe zone and now I can't get back in. I think I may start over. Mind if I join you guys? I bought it because a friend at work has over 2100hrs in this game. I love feel of it but it's lonely and without the building like NMS, I got bored. Mostly because I think I messed up my leaving the system too early but I'm not sure. Have not played with anyone yet in multiplayer situation. I do find that having a stick and throttle is THE ONLY way to play lol.
  11. Good idea, you can save them in the new armory! Yes yes I built an armory with a patio overlooking the sea... There are like 2-3 50 stacks of needles in the workshop.
  12. God it's as trash as I remember...I could not even get through one round of conquest. Camping cunts with sniper rifles and bullets don't kill ppl. A shot to the face with an M1 or a 1911 would end your existence. BFV? naaa merely a flesh wound while they hatchet you to death. Private server should be better but now I remember why I stopped playing.

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