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  1. Oh man the e-type is on my top five list for sure. Along with a DB4-GT, Delahaye 165, Bugatti TYPE 57 AEROLITH, and the Dusenberg Model SJ Speedster. The 30's knew how to design cars my friend and it's the last thing the French were good at...I'm a sucker for anything with a boat tail as well!
  2. fuck it for $137 we can just go this way...and don't worry we will pick London so all your budget internets will work...
  3. Can we just get another server? Keep FG-OG then start fresh. Whats the server cost? Additionally, it seems like you can experience the new stuff in unexplored portions of the current server. So not sure how that works like me Tar and Ren would be most out because we have explored a bit more. I still think it would be cool to keep the original as we built some pretty epic shit and depending on cost, it might be cool to have two. One that we keep building until we can't with an update or whatever and one thats like the sand box to build even more stuff!
  4. I want it, and I want it the easiest way possible.
  5. Added 34 more photos to the trip link above!
  6. Hytra was a Michelin ⭐, and yes, the execution was spectacular. With that said, that was more about the experience. The food, the wine, the company. We were building memories and friendships. The majority of other other meals is as local as it gets. Massive portions, seaside dining, popular squares. Hell, if I found a dude grilling on the street I'd post up, drop some euros and get into it. The island fire looks the worst so far that I've seen. They evacuated one of them, it's scary shit. Very analogous to California which has been on fire for a few years now. As for drinking culture, apparently we have to visit Crete for that 😁.
  7. Was really tasty, a malty beer. Reminds me of a darker German beer. It went extremely well with my piles of meats! It is a Greek beer too.
  8. Of course we do, food is the ultimate unifier. Every culture has to eat, breaking bread is the most powerful way to experience our cultures. As for the fires, we drove south east yesterday to Poseidon's Temple and saw some damage. There are some raging ones north and west of us. It's pretty crazy for sure. Looks like some international help arrived at our hotel from Qatar.
  9. So this week @RenFenggeand I went to visit Athens Greece and planned a little FG meet and greet with @Tar-Eruntalion who is an Athens native. We met John and his sister for a nice dinner at Hytra, a roof top restaurant with some nice views of the skylines and the Acropolis. I've been making posts of IG over the course of our trip but click below for the photos of the trip thus far in case you uncultured heathens don't have IG. Athens '21 - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL 53 new photos added to shared album
  10. Having trouble getting the launcher to work. I've located the correct folder to launch, but it's not working. More to come. There are also two servers for Hero's Haven on two maps it appears.
  11. I'm on now with John trouble shooting bungie being a pile of shit
  12. do we get the DLC too? Livonia or something or other. it's 10% off for both as a package at the moment
  13. I do like base building, is it extensive?
  14. So what's this now? This like survival or what not? I'm always down for new PC adventures since everyone got bored with Valheim. I like playing with other ppl, makes it more fun.
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