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  1. You didn't tell me this we have guests I see
  2. Ajay

    Computer Desk

    Yes i believe crispy does this aswell it drives me and Jo crazy but we like to call jt spreadsheeting @crispymorgan
  3. We all know what I want XD
  4. Ajay

    DSC Raid

    np still waiting on turbo tho
  5. Ajay

    12 man raid DSC

    clive doesnt do glitches so i doubt he will plus his friends dont play woith others much un less they know them wich is only really me justin riff
  6. Still need my 1k so why not
  7. I'm down be my first title aswell so pretty hefty for a first
  8. I was on btw must of broke or smthng but i was on destiny

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