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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 41/100 My Time 176 seconds  
  2. Might have to share more of my old clips here.
  3. Happy birthday @jordie1892 & @Plumbers Crack
  4. Next month's ps plus games have been leaked but as usual this may not be them. Crash bandicoot 4 ps4/ps5 The dark pictures:man of medan ps4 Arcadegeddon ps5/ps4
  5. definitely down for this. Let's bring grebones back to action @Greboth
  6. Got shown this yesterday 😂
  7. Nout wrong with doner meat and salad swimming in multiple sauces 😅
  8. Got to be a kebab all day long.
  9. Sadly I was working but got to see one of my kids on Friday but it'll be next weekend when I'm able to spend some time with them.
  10. You could get some gaming in or sit with a cold beer in the garden.
  11. @GazzaGarrattllantwit major. One night will have to get on and have a chat with people.
  12. It would be a great help as over 7 hours on a train to travel within just wales is a piss take
  13. I don't tend to watch them mainly most games that get revealed are different when they get released but I do watch them when there's a big game coming out.
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