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  1. I only use my for running which i then transfer the data to strava.
  2. Main purpose is I can organise club runs do warm ups and warm downs but it's mainly means if someone gets injured I'm covered as for the coaching side that's something I might look at some time down the line
  3. I have been put on a run leadership course by the club i run for it cost 165 pounds 155 pound is funded by the welsh athletics the 10 pound was for the 4 modules i had to do the weekend just gone this weekend i have the course not long only 1 hour 30 minutes which is online.
  4. Welcome to the group. Should keep an eye for the friday nights.
  5. All of the running medals apart from one are annual events plus you always get to hear of events through club members at the club i run with. Still awaiting 2 medals to arrive one in the post the other i pick up but not bad on the running medals as i only started back in january 2019.
  6. @Spacedeck it's a board to hang medals on and for PB runs which you can rub them out and put new times on. I would like a faster 10k run as it doesn't really correspond to the 5k time but as i stated i above i have another challenge i want to aim for which i may see if they do solo running events as getting a medal for a full marathon would be a massive achievement but i also want to compete in kickboxing again as it's been about 2 years since my last fight and this year i was supposed to be entering as many comps as i can as next year the wako world championships is in cardiff next year
  7. I have about 6 for run running a few for kickboxing and some trophies sadly no titles. On Facebook there's a page called race for pace that offer medals for total distance run in a month. I bought a house back in March only just got my medals and trophies up on the wall. Was thinking of my next challenge in running firstly it will be a sub 2 hour for a half marathon which should be easy then to run a marathon distance but for that I'll need to slow my pace and run a couple of 35km runs.
  8. I got and email offering me to transfer one of my events to a virtual one. Going to see if I'm able to do it with all my events just to get them out the way and start afresh when things get back to normal what ever normal was as that's just a thing of the past. Took it nice and slow just to try get my pace back but need to slow my pace down for some runs for my next challenge. T-shirt and medal will arrive next month Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/CIAY4Vorcbb
  9. Great update lee. I keep forgetting we have a discord i'll show my face then forget it's there not sure what that's about 😅 but i've moved the icon so its not lost in all the shit apps i have on my phone. I haven't had a look in depth but to make the forum a little more manageable are you able to consolidate some sections? Just anidead for less work for you. Liking the advent calendar idea.
  10. Made two mistakes on FG friday in this race first thinking @GazzaGarratthit me on the exit of the corner then thinking it was EagleEye1185 only to notice while i was just clipping this clip it was actually @Greboth😂     
  11. No need for the 2 step verification change as there was nothing wrong with it in the first place where they would send you a txt message and you can generate a password.
  12. I live not far from cardiff aswell would say out side of Barry but Barry's a shit hole and full of junkies 😂
  13. Welcome to the group. What part of wales you from?
  14. Today I should of been running the Cardiff half marathon pretty gutted it was postponed till March but a small part is glad it hammering down and with this storm we got in Wales would be horrendous to run that distance in.

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