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  1. This Parkrun is a little hilly but still a decent time. It's my 2nd Parkrun which is quite shocking due to how long I've been running but once you get to 50 you get a t-shirt so something to work towards but parkruns are only on a Saturday. Their timings are off a little compared to mine.
  2. I'll definitely be watching that also can anyone remember the other game show called games World where you had top players playing random people.
  3. Cheers guys Up early for a park run only a couple tins ready for a semi long run tomorrow.
  4. Not sure what to make of this months ps plus games.
  5. I'm down for it. Maybe a Wednesday this season but if there's an issue Thursdays are still good.
  6. Problem with game to films if they don't follow the game that much you get alot of hate towards the film but then when they do follow the game you still get alot of hate just like street fighter and the original mortal kombat film did both of I enjoyed.
  7. I'm one of a few that actually like the 7 or 8 films they did 😂
  8. Get a disk sleeve then keep your cases buried in your cupboard.
  9. Nope can't put them in a library. Just a desk with draws or even a book shelf.
  10. If its a separate trophy list I guess I have to pick it up as I did the ps3 and ps4 versions never touched the VR one.
  11. Cheers @Greboth 😁 First race had a little battle with @jordie1892 only to push my self then ended up coming off the track. The 2nd race I picked the wrong car should of got a decent position but due to picking wrong had to pit fuel which resulted in losing all the positions I climbed. Also love the livery that much thst I will keep using it in honour of team grebones.
  12. Normally it's a bad couple months the a few months of decent games but hoping September will bring a big title in.
  13. Maybe some sort of relay race.
  14. An hours race could be fun and interesting definitely up for it. Like I said before possibly a race first before our league race.
  15. I've noticed some weeks so members can't mske the first race on time so something maybe to discuss is possibly have a race first then the 2nd the league race.
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