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  1. Atm next month Thursdays I won't be able to make it but if it works for everyone else change it.
  2. Almost bought this today but the price atm is to high so opted for last of us 2 and a tomb raider game for the ps3 but I might as well wait for it when I get a ps5 and the price is a little lower.
  3. In my eyes they've wrecked the franchise from 6 onwards possibly from 5. The remakes I found were rather easy and very short heck I did a speed run on the 3rd completing it in 1 hour 2 minutes. There's characters missing and not seen for for quite some time well Rebecca Chambers had her own game with resi 0 but Barry he was in the first and if you completed the original 3rd a certain way you see him for a split second at the end but resi 8 just seems to try copying other horror games that out and I can't see them going back to basics.
  4. Great work guys. At least now we have more people to ask do we have a website.
  5. We're supposedly getting MW2 online this year but I find it odd that so far if this is true that it's been only infinity ward campaign game's remastered.
  6. The wreckfest is the ps5 version not a port so that should be better graphics as for BF V that's awesome for FG which should mean a higher amount of members playing.
  7. FG Fridays will never be the same with wreckfest that's if you own a Ps5 and BF V no excuses for not owning the game as I've used for BF V.
  8. I love trail running as long as I wear the correct footwear but I only own 3 pairs of running shoes but last year I ran this event and to date is the hardest trail I've run. Not sure what happened to the map as it's a garmin issue as I get the same on the garmin connect app.
  9. Tonight my running club started back up and it's been a long 7 months since we were last able to run. I was going to take it easy tonight as on Saturday I did a 10k run so a cancer charity with my father inlaw and wife (we raised £400)and yesterday I ran 11.5k but as I was running tonight's club with my wife and father inlaw I said to my wife am I ok to run on ahead either answer I was going to but for the first 2k I struggled as you will see it in my splits in the picture but the last 3k I found a fairly decent pace. I haven't done a fast 5k for 7 months as most of my runs are wit
  10. I think I just need to stop pushing my self and slow down a little early on some if the deep corners.
  11. At work I drink coffee and home its tea but I prefer water mostly due to the sports activities I do.
  12. I just can't drive for shit. For a few laps was kind of tight between me Lee and James with me and James swapping places a few times but for some unknown reason after I pitted I put mediums on and not super softs. After I decided it was kind of fun to play in the gravel and sand a few times there was no chance to catch up.
  13. Doesn't look like your average marvel film which it's about time we got something different.
  14. Nice one @phil bottle I need all the points I can get.
  15. What's happened to race 7 as I don't think I've missed a race yet.

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