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  1. So the event I ran mid September for the 10k category I came 14th out of 220 with a time of 49.42 and my medal arrived in the post.
  2. Not sure if i put it up here yet but my wife wanted to start running for her own reasons so as she's never been out or run before i created my own C25K and said i will have her doing 5k before she did 10 runs and in fact she did 5k on her 7th run but will explain below the schedule i created. 1ST run 1.5k with 4 breaks and with each break it was 30 seconds walk then straight back to running. 2ND run 2k this time with 5 breaks again 30 seconds of walking on each break. 3RD run 1.6k this time only 3 breaks again 30 seconds of walking.
  3. Is 7DTD cross play yet? could always pick it up again on the ps4 if it is.
  4. The running club I run with started back about 2 or 3 weeks ago and tonight was my first run back with them. Not overly happy with my time but i have been running alot with my wife at a slower pace but 24.38 is ok for 5k but need to knock a minute off. Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/1I3o5RdQZ9
  5. Welcome scott. Not so long ago i ploughed through FF8 only for the platinum which i also did for FF7 but FF7 is where the fun was at spent hundreds of hours in my teens playing that game.
  6. Dragon ball Dragonball z Dragonball super Dragon ball GT Dragon ball heros As you can see i some what like the dragonball universe.
  7. I've entered a virtual event where you run the distance you pick and you run your own route so I picked 10k. I am always trying to out do my self and set challenges i.e for 5k I wanted a sub 22 minute which took a while a ran a 5k in 22.41 then set a sub 50 minute for 10k was alway a couple of minutes off so I ran my 10k and managed a 49.42 knocking off about 2 minutes. Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/4x8jrv8eE9 With this event for the 10k category there was 500 places as it stands I'm 2nd which I'm guessing I'll slide down the list in the comin
  8. Looks like you need some sort of mechanical qualification to use it 😄 Bet it makes a cracking cup of coffee unlike my wife 😄
  9. Welcome to the forum. Have a look at the selection of games that are played on friday nights as its always a good laugh and plenty of banter.
  10. Only on a decent cooked breakfast.

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