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  1. The grind is seriously not even that bad though. You'll have 7 months in this season to have hit that power level which isn't even that bad imo. That's over half a year to do 21 levels over light level. The grind isn't the issue.
  2. No not really dids it's more for the pure enjoyment of it and being a more skill based player is all. Numbers don't matter just something that not everyone can achieve or do so it's just a nice feeling knowing you can do it
  3. So my opinion might be one sided on this but I agree with clive on this one. I'm not saying anyone is bad at the game but if your interested in this kinda of thing or always wanted to try out a low man raid or any activity really. Let's get you in there and practice it. Let you do rolls your not comfortable with until your confidence is up and boosted knowing you can easily do anything in the game as well. I'd love to help people with it but I'll put as much effort in as the next but you have to be willing to be able to learn and try even if you fail don't get discouraged or quit. Sure some pick things up quicker then others but once your confidence is up on each thing your in there. Then you'll be able to even teach someone else if it came down to it which is an awesome feeling as well. I know a lot people don't play destiny anymore because it's either a grind for them or they are not interested in doing things like this which is totally fine but I do know a handful of people might be curious on attempting something like this. So if anyone wants help let me know don't be afraid to reach out speak up please. I get some people like playing solo as well but hear me out and Lee will agree playing with friends is always better then being alone. So give us a shout with no fear of us not responding always down to help and teach much love.
  4. I'm only available Saturdays and Sundays depending on times Saturdays should be from 2 or 3pm est until late and Sunday should be 9 to 10 am est until about 4 or 5pm est.
  5. We have enough people now to do a full 6 team vog to get vex catalyst putting up an event early if we need to adjust times we can.
  6. Let's see where to start ill try awnsering this to the best without going down a rabbit hole. Yes Destiny 2 is a great game for someone to start or to get into. There are so many reasons I could list on why you should play but im sure you have heard. The game has come a long way and I think starting out is easier then ever before but if you have small guidance because the game can feel overwhelming without even any paid content. So let's get into the nitty gritty of it. There will always be options and choices for new players to jump into activities or different game modes in this game, people say the game is dying or its dead but its not. I have been gone since after beyond light and ill go into the after effects of why but as a new player if you have people to play with then life will be so much easier in the game. Understanding the classes the weapons the perks the loadouts and stuff will come in time so don't worry about that stuff just enjoy the strikes the campaign that's free then have someone take you on a strike and show you what the characters and weapons are really like and you'll be sucked in. Now for the part that I think is super toxic about this game. Bungie bungie bungie is very poor at listening to there community also very slow at adding in new content or fixing certain issues the game contains. What I have learned if it gets to point where your not feeling it dont force it let it go destiny 2 can be very very very addicting especially with friends chasing the loot the weapons the hole 9 yards doing harder activities like raids and hard missions like grandmasters. So down to why I left and came back. I started what over a year ago if not longer now I don't remember I put almost a year into the game of grind love sweat and tears into it and it got stale they were not doing anything to my liking and having stale droughts of no new content that I didn't feel was like in the right direction. Now 3 seasons latter in the game its still not perfect its still the same game just made new changes of life bonus and just making the game less of what I call toxic or more community friendly. I switched to pc and wasn't able to play with my friends anymore on there so I used it as an excuse to step away and play other things but now crossplay is enabled I have actually spoke to friends I have talked to in months and it's so nice. So here's the thing if you wanna play destiny and you enjoy what your seeing in the first 4 to 8 hours of gameplay give it a chance play with friends go on mission earn rewards and ask questions cuz im sure there are multiple lifers here that will be able to give you the knowledge the know how and the techniques you need to keep going. So flat out awnser is yes play the game only thing I can say is don't let it consume you or let it ruin your mental health because of the bad toxic ways of bungies at times if you want anymore info or why you should play the game I'd be more down to be actually going into full blown details of what the game is all about.
  7. I ran through today on the devastator and honestly thought it was a blast. Game isn't showing us all the goodies and for a demo it's quite short just to give you a taste. I like the game so far but it's not everyones cup of tea. Reminds me of the days of playing gears just going in balls deep mutilating everything and everyone. Here was my first clip of the game. I think the mods and the endless builds your going to be able to do are going to be great for someone who really enjoys customizing builds and trying certain things out in a shooter game.
  8. Look I got an extra msi x570 mobo sitting around and a ryzen 5 2600 sure the cpu might not help you but If your in the U.K. I might be able to cut ya a deal on atleast a high end board and throw in some cable extensions as well if that's your thing im wanting to do an apu mini itx build for my misses so let me know and when I say a deal way better then most boards lol hardly was even used long story into that but that's beside the point
  9. @RenFengge he had to have eye surgery because he has to much extra skin around his eye lids and they were rolling back and his eyelashes were stabbing his eyes causing small cuts on his eyes leading to alcers in his eyes so to correct it he basically had plastic surgery and had the extra skin removed around his eyelids and now instead of rolling in they roll out like there suppose to. He goes gets his stitches out in about 10 days. That was Tuesday when he had surgery.
  10. Chad were you playing it on console or pc? It seems console is having more issues then pc. I have a couple of bugs like the motion blur is horrible at times gives you that wonky feeling at times but I have had the cutscene bug where voices don't line up to what's on screen and also the walking thing is kinda weird as well I had an issue flying past people as well it didn't feel as bad as I'm playing a trickster using the teleport thing but I have the issue so yes needs some love but it's good feed back I think. Story seems good which Is hard to find but I can let you all know more on April 1st I already pre-ordered it months ago.
  11. @TurboR56Mini you man are a pure creative genius lol I can think of amazing ideas like that but never execute them probably! Hopefully I can make it on sometime soon as well @RenFengge been really busy this week. My puppy just had eye surgery on both of his eyes so it's been kinda of hectic kind of a week and then throw my work on top of it just makes it a mess but hopefully I can play with ya both here soon.
  12. @GazzaGarratt @J4MES OX4D I have a hole forum page up on this game. Would love to see more involved in it. Think it would be a great add to the page. Think the game will be a good game
  13. Oh my gosh you guys have been going nuts 😳 I haven't been on since Sunday @TurboR56Mini @RenFengge and the both of you have outdone yourselves again awesome work you two! Can't wait to jump on and see what you have accomplished 😌 must say enjoy playing with the both of ya good times.
  14. Honestly coming from someone who just finished a pc build, the market for gpu's is rough. You can get maybe a 5700xt and still play 1440p but higher resolutions might be a problem. 60fps at 1440p or higher at around 1k is do able just gotta know where to look. I'd say if you can find a ryzen 5 5600 for mrsp but it's litterally like finding needles in a haystack. Also depends on the games your trying to play as well. Like nothing fancy the mobo and storage psu won't be a huge deal. I wanted a system to play anything at high res. At 1440 so I went with a ryzen 5900x and a rtx 3080 so most things will be fine at 1440p but that combo right now your looking at paying around 2k alone. Best thing to do is your research and maybe actually look at forums and maybe join a couple pc groups on Facebook as well. If you want any other help let me know.
  15. @RenFengge mannnn no judgey🤣 just wish my steps would lead to somewhere nice eventually 🤣🤣🤣
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