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  1. @phil bottlethis crap shouldnt be seen or heard of now a days with huge multi billion dollar companies but we are having mistakes like this is just crazy
  2. Yeah like I think its amazing that your guys pcs are still holding on strong thats why I'm building new and won't have to worry for a long while so im stoked about the 30 series
  3. I honestly think its really shitty the way they did the hole preorder thing they are making you guys wait and the US was sold out in less then minutes without giving anyone a chance to even get ahold of one so im not very impressed by songs call on the no marketing but het that's why they make the big money right.
  4. So Invidia just bought out ARMS good lord lol this should be interesting!
  5. Sweet thanks guys for helping me out on my first build i really appreciate hopefully once im done with it i can game with all of you guys!
  6. @The3rdWalker @Grebothwhat do you guys think or heard of the evga p2 1200 watt psu they have good reviews on newegg price range is around what the top dollar corsairs and seasonic 1000 watts are and for an extra 200 watts would it be worth it?
  7. @Greboth thank you so very much man! This stuff is still all still new to me so I'm learning along the way. Im just excited to get back into the pc world again. Thank you to everyone for your guys feedback!
  8. I can definitely go way bigger since I'm slowly piecing my dream pc together basically so If you think I need more juice ill jump to a 1000 or 1200 watt psu @The3rdWalker and thank you for the feed back man! It's much appreciated 😌 🙏
  9. @The3rdWalker should i go bigger for powersupply?
  10. @The3rdWalker @BO7H B4RRELS So ill give you guys a small run down on what I have so far. Case- Lian Li lancool2 Fans- Lian Li unifan 120 setup on preorder Cpu cooler- Lian Li galahad 240mm rad aio Mobo- Msi x570 Tomahawk Cpu- havent decided yet ether ryzen 7 3700x or ryzen 9 3950x Ram- 32gb g.skill trident rgb 3600 mghz Storage- western digital 1tb nvme ssd pci express. 1tb team group ssd 2.5 Psu- thinking of going for a seasonic 850 watt to handle the gpu coming out Gpu- ether a 3070 or 3080 unless amd blows us out of the water. Using up
  11. I'm kinda glad I picked this time to start building my first pc because I think the 3080 will be perfect for my complete setup im going with and not killing the bank to badly. I should be able to do a lot of stuff with it so hopefully I'll be able to get ahold of one of those cards because a lot of people are going to be after them especially the 3080 and the 3070 just for price point alone. Let me know what yall think and if you wanna know me setup as well that I got going for my build that im still working on.
  12. Happy birthday!! Even though I'm late
  13. I think i might have a setup going. I found the steel series apex 3 that looks nice for starter keyboard and they have several budget friendly mice as well i have their headset and i love it.
  14. lee when I used to game on pc I was used to an old crappy hp mouse man so anything thats really better then that. I just want something that is gonna last and feel good thats about it.
  15. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes yesterday! Even though I got my psn account suspended😂🤟

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