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  1. Great I’m on now just got one of the updates there that triangle just reminded me of valerian haha
  2. Grease monkey cams pistons turbos compressors and yeah for the crash bicep re-attachment and reattached 3 bits of bone at the back of my shoulder together and destiny could never find a decent party to do Reid’s with as we didn’t have enough active players everyone was on at different times it wasn’t the best but we were all local to each other but looking forward to competing and I only saw in the tower that you clan was fairly active I was 3 players at one point so I reached out for an invite I was lead to Gazza and he pointed me towards here 😀
  3. Madmitch94


    Started off playing Batman on the pc yes the old swinging from ledge to ledge went on to final fantasy ,halo, WoW,COD ,MoH,Elder scrolls, project cars and 2 and wide verity of games and genres I was in a crash and came back to the console while in recovery help pass the time work at a go kart track part time and go to collage and study mechanics just looking for fellow gamers who I can raid with and actually rely on hahaha but yeah just your average guy 👍🏼
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