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  1. Gimme ya money bitches!
  2. FITNESS PPR DATE: 13th March 2021 SESSION: Week 5 Day CALORIES: 2890kcals Atlas stone 3x3@65/75/85kg Paused Bench Press 3x6@112.5kg FEELINGS: Wow this week has kicked my arse. Going back to school was real difficult and by Friday I was wiped. I actually went out to my gym, sorted out the atlas stone stuff and nearly fainted on the first set. So some sleep, good food and a friend to help me the next day and I was ready to rock and roll! IMG_1431.MP4 IMG_1432.MP4
  3. Yeh it's essentially a strongman competition but with stone based events! Very fun
  4. DATE: 10th March 2021 SESSION: Week 5 Day 2 CALORIES: 2890kcals Bench Press 1x4@130kg Bench Press 2x6@120kg Deadlift 3x3@192.5kg FEELINGS: Wednesdays are alway a bit of anti climax as I have to train in the morning (I start later on a Wednesday) and I just never feel as energised. Hard to get too many meals in before hand. However, everything moved well today and I’m feeling strong overall. Need to think about how I’m going to program myself for the competition because it’s not powerlifting so movements like bench press and squats aren’t going to be super useful. IMG_1393.MP4 IMG_1394.MP4 IMG_1395.MP4
  5. DATE: 8th March 2021 SESSION: Week 5 Day 1 CALORIES: 2900kcals Squats 1x3@165kg Overhead Press 3x8@65kg FEELINGS: 2 things. 1, I’ve signed up for my first competition since Maddison was born. It’s a comp based around stones, so atlas stones, dinnie stones, shot put. Very cool! 2, My knee is proper fucked. I couldn’t even do my back off sets because of the pain. I might need to get some physio. IMG_1369.MP4
  6. I find this so strange. People look at you everyday. A video is you. You don’t look any different. It’s you.
  7. DATE: 6th March 2021 SESSION: Week 4 Day 4 CALORIES: 2900kcals Bench Press 5x5@75kg+44kg Chains FEELINGS: Had a lovely session today. Nice upper body pump, nothing crazy but was lovely to get the blood flowing and feel some weight in my hands. IMG_1354.MP4
  8. I had my logo that @Greboth made into a flag on Ali express and it’s now pride and place in my gym. thank you friend!
  9. I have quite a bit of Bitcoin now, I usually buy when it dips. It’s going to continue to grow so it’s not a bad mid-long term bet. Still not as reliable as a decent trust fund etc. I can share my codes here if you’d like to hope in? We both get some free Bitcoin if you buy using my app link
  10. or we could just see a picture/video of you!!!!
  11. Pictures! We need pictures dammit. Right now all I’ve got is an image of Lucy Lui in my brain!
  12. DATE: 5th March 2021 SESSION: Week 4 Day 3 CALORIES: 2900kcals Squats 4x6@145kg Stone to shoulder 3x3@70kg FEELINGS: Much pain. Bad knee has gotten worse. Send help. IMG_1342.MP4 IMG_1343.MP4
  13. DATE: 3rd March 2021 SESSION: Week 4 Day 2 CALORIES: 2900kcals OHP strict/push press 3 sets 3/3 @72.5kg FEELINGS: I backed off the strength and chased a pump today, Monday was a hard session so I just did some dumbbell work today for chest and back. I did do my 3/3 press session to try and stimulate some overhead gains but nothing major. Got a great pump and some serious cramp later in the day! Winner. IMG_1311.MP4
  14. To be honest it's not until you fight ultimate weapon that you get free reign of the map. Even the open world stuff has a clear 'sequence' and you can't really go anywhere than where you need to go. The first bit after Midgar is going to the chocobo farm, catch a chocobo and cross the midgar zolom pit......
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