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  1. That’s a great little set up! 185lb/82kg is not a small number so go you!
  2. DATE: 18th January 2021 SESSION: Week 10 Day 1 CALORIES: ???? COMPOUNDS: Deadlift 2x3@160kg Box Squat 4x2@55kg+Chains FEELINGS: First session of the Deload. Nothing exciting but well earned. Just chill this week and get some rest I’m ready for a big week next week.
  3. DATE: 16th January 2021 SESSION: Week 9 Day 4 CALORIES: ???? COMPOUNDS: 2 Second Pause Deadlift 4x2@160kg 3 Second Pause Bench Press 3x5@110kg FEELINGS: We made it! 9 weeks of hard graft. Wow I’m battered. Sore, tired, worn out, some pain here and there. Next week we will Deload, which means working at a lower capacity to give the body a chance to recover before we do a testing week. The sessions will be boring but necessary. I definitely going to run this program again, it has been so much fun.
  4. DATE: 15th January 2021 SESSION: Week 9 Day 3 CALORIES: ???? COMPOUNDS: Squats 3x4@145kg Feet up Bench Press 3x8@65kg FEELINGS: The fatigue is real 😓 Two hard heavy sessions at the start of the week and I am beat today. Also, I try to time my preworkout meal 2 hours from my work out so that I don’t feel bloated etc. However, today, just as I started my session the sofa removal people turned up - so that added a further 30 minutes delay. Half way through my squats, I was starving! Still today was just lots of volum
  5. DATE: 13tth January 2021 SESSION: Week 9 Day 2 CALORIES: 2793kcals COMPOUNDS: Bench Press 1x3@130kg Bench Press 2x2@120kg Deadlift 3x4@170kg FEELINGS: Today was even better than Monday. Bench press rep PB - 130kgx3! I’m going to be hitting 3 plates a side in two weeks time. No sweat. My new competition style bench was worth every penny. Solid, broad, and allows me to actually get my shoulder blades on it to brace properly! So pleased. IMG_0721.MP4
  6. To be honest, it was just the most frustrating thing because if it had just ripped all the way off I could have had surgery and be done with it. Never mind.
  7. I tore my VMO (one of the muscles just above the knee) about 3 years ago doing strongman. It's been a long road back to being pain free but you have to take the rough with the smooth!
  8. DATE: 11th January 2021 SESSION: Week 9 Day 1 CALORIES: 2872kcals COMPOUNDS: Squats 1x2@175kg Overhead Press 3x6@65kg FEELINGS: Today was immense, I hit 175kg for a double. Raw. That’s a Personal best! Ever since I dodged my knee 2 years ago I’ve not been able to lift raw very much (just knee sleeves and belt) as the pain was too much. So I moved over to using knee wraps which essentially work like a whole new knee and add a lot of help to the squat. It’s not desirable as using wraps is very time consuming and painful (because of how tigh
  9. DATE: 8th January 2021 SESSION: Week 8 Day 4 CALORIES: ???? COMPOUNDS: Incline DB press 3x8@25kg DB bent over row 3x12@30kg Flat DB Press 3x6@32.5kg FEELINGS: This program is very much a ‘power building’ program as there is a real mixture of powerlifting moves and body building. It’s been really successful as I’ve 100% added mass to my frame and am slowly getting back to my old strength numbers. Today’s session was 100% sets and reps, all bodybuilding. I also filmed a review of my new Muscle Squad adjustable dumbbells (as
  10. DATE: 8th January 2021 SESSION: Week 8 Day 3 CALORIES: 2747kcals SESSION: Low Bar Squats 3x7@130kg 3” Block Pulls 2x4@160kg FEELINGS: Today was an exciting day because as an astute business man I’ve taken advantage of the surge in demand for gym equipment during lockdown. Over the course of last week I sold off all my old dumbbells and some old strongman equipment. I then purchased a brand new flat competition standard bench and new spin lock adjustable dumbbells. Taking the number of dumbbells I had from 9 pairs to 13 with mo
  11. That’s roughly true with my clients, although most of my lads prefer bench press. I like overhead because it brings out the best in me, explosive power through the legs and posterior chain, strong triceps to finish at the top. It’s a great little combo, pick 80-85% 1RM, so the three strict should be somewhat challenging then finish strong with the push press to overload the triceps at the lockout 💪
  12. wreck fest.......:)
  13. Love the idea of the buy in and cash out!

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