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  1. I'm inclined to agree a bit here, i'm actually very tempted to just build an awesome gaming PC as the games I play are cross platform anyway.
  2. So wait, just to clarify.....you don't want horses?
  3. It's a true 'rinse and repeat' style of game making now, they've gotten progressively shorter each time too. I remember playing FFX and thinking.....was that it? Off the back of 7 and 8 which were 100+ hour games......A shame really.
  4. Yes @G_dub52 that looks amazing mate!
  5. Folks, I require this picture of my child be merged with the ending of die hard.....sorry Alan Rickman but you’re about to be replaced. other photoshops also Ok!
  6. I had a great time, was so fun to play CoD again after a long hiatus
  7. This is disappointing @phil bottle, I had you pegged as a David Icke fan?
  8. Well, last night was my first ever go at being DM for a 'one shot' campaign. Essentially the idea is to start and finish an adventure in one go, which is tricky as it lasts a long time. However, 5 intrepid adventurers took up the gauntlet yesterday and completed the gauntlet I set before them. I decided to use my knowledge of the Sword Coast (an area in R.A Salvator books which D&D is heavily related to) and my love for World of Warcraft to bring together a story and setting for my adventure. My 5 players included: Jay the Half Orc Blood Hunter Mel
  9. I am literally free whenever @phil bottle @tronic44 and @Diddums are ready!
  10. Send me a DM or a message on the discord server please @Rumelylady
  11. Hey folks, on Saturday 8th @5pm I am running a ‘one shot’ D&D campaign for my Tabletop friends, we have 4 people so far and we would love another one or two! You get to jump right in and make a level 5 character and smash a 5-6 hour session with me from start to finish. If you’ve ever wanted to play without getting too trapped To a campaign, then this is for you. The whole game will run on Discord and all you need is to make a character online (I can help with this) and a dice rolling app (unless you want to amazon some shiny dice like mine?)
  12. Hi folks, sorry I've been a bit quiet of late, this will be addressed in my PPR! I have launched, at the request of many people in my life, an online coaching platform for the general public (not athletes). In essence, its going to put a personal trainer in your pocket - me. As most of you are aware I'm a strength and conditioning coach out of my own studio gym and a deep tissue therapist at a local clinic, I generally work with athletes and sports people to improve performance but from every avenue of my life I'm often asked LOTS of questions about how to drop body fat

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