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  1. Any way to make the map smaller? I've been walking for 7 weeks
  2. For seriously though, could we implement a stick up system? Post proof of holding people up and robbing their shoes for a small reward or something. Limited to 1 submission per day
  3. My only suggestion is to make TheMuggySpud invincible for the first 3 months. Then after that, maybe make it permanent for him. Cause he's shite.
  4. Playing with friends always makes it more funerer 100%. I think what turned me off Warzone was the fact that instead of updating and making it fresh, they instead lumped 3 games worth of material into the one and made the previous games guns absolutely worthless. It just doesn't seem fair if you get me. I never owned Cold War so my loadouts that were made from MW weapons were underpowered against guns that were decades older. That said, I'll definitely play it again 😂😂
  5. TOMMY!!!! Thank you, I'll stick to The Binding of Isaac for now so 😂
  6. I never tried that one! I would have loved it. Also, not a true tycoon but have you played Prison Architect? Fantastic little game
  7. Fantastic! Will look into finding it cheap
  8. Has anyone given this a try? Does anyone enjoy these tycoon type of games? I've always loved this genre but I know console editions are always barebone versions of the full game. I just have the urge this week to build a rollercoaster that has the potential to kill guests by the bucket load and this seems to be the only Theme Park game around these days.
  9. How strong of a PC is needed to run DayZ? I've got it on Console but the UI is absolutely woeful and every single server requires you to join a discord server. I have a shitty laptop so was wondering how heavy the game is on hardware
  10. Thank you sir @GazzaGarrattI shall try it now in a minute
  11. Any chance I can get one of them sweet invites to the server?
  12. I'm actually excited about this one. Imo there wasn't a good CoD since Black Ops 2 up until the MW reboot. Then after, there hasn't been a good CoD since. I have a feeling ill love this one too as its using the same engine. Couldn't give 2 shades of a shit about the BR mode though unfortunately.
  13. Fuck yes. I'm definitely gonna join and add to the town
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