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  1. I'm gonna put the full, 100% blame on my car πŸ˜‚
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  3. So Lee had the amazing idea to make a thread for any and all bug videos you've collected from the game! I'll start πŸ™‚
  4. Thank you so much @GazzaGarrattβ€πŸ’šβ€πŸ’šβ€πŸ’šβ€
  5. I love you lads so much! Congrats to all of you and also everyone who visits and makes this place what it is ❀
  6. I haven't even got on to check it out dude! I'll try hop on later after I come back from my dad's gaff. I've been too stuck into DayZ 😍😍
  7. Not sure if anyone still plays but there's a new heist announcement on a whole new part of the map. Whether it's permanently available to travel to or not I'm not sure but interesting nonetheless
  8. [F|G] could be a good one. Maybe [|F.G|] if it allows 5 characters like MW19 allows.
  9. Well there's the "story" missions which are entertaining enough. They consist of about 5 missions per story and so far I've seen 3 stories. Then you've got the bounty hunter missions which pay out more if you capture the target alive but less if they're deaded. There's also legendary bounties that are harder but pay out more in cash and XP. Each time you complete one, the difficulty goes up for the next time you do it. Starts at 1 star and ends at 5. Good for grinding. The trader and the moonshiner missions are kinda alike but there's a longer wait in between when you c
  10. It's so much better now man, easy enough to make money when you're sponging off of Aaron, Marc and Seb πŸ˜‚
  11. So @ChaosGladiator @Nutcuttlit @LordBaguette Marc and myself have been plugging away at Red Dead Online for the past week and it's been an absolute blast. Yesterday we got a new member joining the pisse (typo but imma keep it) in the form of Matt. Just thought I'd post here to see if there was any interest in you lot to join up with us would be cool to get enough players so that there would always be someone on to chat to.
  12. 11-12 years I've been a part of this group (FG/FPS/MW2F) and seeing the amount of work you put into this Lee, is astounding, inspiring and makes me feel guilty for not being around here too often. (I already know you're thinking "you're not meant to feel guilty") I'm going to make more of an effort around here to get involved, I'm just shit at sticking to things these last few years. Lee, I love you. FG, I love you. Even the lads I haven't officially met.
  13. We gonna do this? I can only get mobile but I'm well up for it

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