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  1. I remember the first time i play Red dead revolver i had a lot of fun playing as a bounty hunter/outlaw when i was just a kid, and when i heard there was Red dead redemption i obviously had to play that as well, and like before i just loved it! I honestly didn't care too much about the GTA series as while they are okay its just something about the Read dead series that really makes me feel so giddy about it, probably cause i always love cowboys and such since i was a little kid. Then finally when i heard about Red dead redemption 2 coming out i was just excited! it took me a while to get it (p
  2. Indeed my friend. Indeed. Via the FG App
  3. I do just not alot of multiplayer games, mostly have Destiny 2, Dark souls 3 andMonster hunter world. Via the FG App
  4. While I'm not a big Diablo fan myself too much, I can understand how this would honestly piss off so many people. The video game industry really is going to a dark age, not saying all companies are becoming corrupted and going down hill but I mean there was the telltale situation so yea.. Via the FG App
  5. I know I haven't really been updateing post. ( Mostly cause I have no idea what to put down most of the time.) But I really want to try to get used to it and make some friends here, as of now it's kinda obviously snow arrive, I honestly like winter as it's my favorite season, never like the heat too much. Anyone else agrees? Via the FG App
  6. I appreciate the welcome, i'll try to introduce myself better, i'm just not used to posting stuff like this. Also yes i'm also from the US!
  7. Hello i'm pretty new here, a friend of mine who goes by the username @VGon_Bgon48 told me about this and thought i give it a try, i am playing destiny 2 and i hope anyone who is part of the clan that i joined would get to know me and have fun, if your curious i am a Hunter Lvl 50. so yea just give me a shout OK!

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