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  1. The overall feel of the game far overshadows the collection quests. Especially the scenes with Miles or MJ. Its a solid game. Ordered it for my kid after he spent about 13 hours playing it on Saturday. Should be here today for him to continue his journey.
  2. This game is worth the money so far
  3. firefly and full auto on a scout rifle
  4. With random rolls, what is the % chance of getting quality gear, as you put it? Math points to you being wrong here. So does gameplay from Destiny 1. Example: With Random rolls, the chance goes down, so you will spend more parts to get the roll you want, not less. Can you still nail the best possible roll with 1 turn in? Yes absolutely, but the inverse is also true. (an infinite number of turn in's before getting it) This was a change to make you grind more, we all know that, its not a change to get you better gear. I am fine with increasing the amount. 40 parts was a solid number to strive for. So lets say you get 2 parts per weapon dismantle. Previously, every 20 pieces was a chance for decent purple at your current LL or slightly higher. Now its every 50 pieces. From what i saw, the # of parts you get per dismantle has not increased. Also for the record, I am absolutely fine with random rolls. I am not fine with the continued inflation of engram costs that has happened every DLC this game.
  5. I was hoping they were a component for upgrades or something, but 100 pieces for an engram? Seems pretty high
  6. Just got bought by THQ Nordic I seriously hope they redo this game, or at least push for some Xbone Backwards compatibility. I really want to finish the DLC at some point but dont want to buy an Xbox 360 controller https://www.thqnordic.com/node/301
  7. What are the gunsmith parts used for currently? Banshee was yelling at me last night because I was sitting on around 200 of them, so i went and turned them in. I noticed it was around 100 for a new engram from him, which made me think that they have to have a new use.
  8. So back to gun hording. I am okay with that. Its odd wearing blue armor again though. As an aside, the guardian getting to speak again was cool, up until I realized that we had 2 whole lines to say in the entire thing. Way to set the bar low for the next xpac
  9. This is exactly why I loved it. Trying to get from the east side spawn in that shitty store, over to teh warehouse in one piece was tricky. And then sweeping that building was just stressful fun. I never had a bad game there.
  10. Derail was my absolute favorite map
  11. ya'll should read this https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/08/30/here-are-seven-destiny-2-exotics-that-are-stupidly-strong-after-the-forsaken-patch/#44195f977eda
  12. all Xbox 1's can play it. If you have the disc, just put it in. Backwards Compatibility is one of the best features of the system. It absolutely destroys the PS4's attempt at backwards games to be honest
  13. Last night was all "One Man army" spam with Shields and Javelins So i would say about as usual as I remember it. I do miss the maps though
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