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  1. Hi my name is Dylan it was nice to finally get on to play with you guys it was great talking to all the old FG guys and meeting some of the newer well new to me
  2. Hi my name is Dylan oh nice
  3. Hi my name is Dylan sound good ill get it in ma favs phil u played with the helicopters mod yet
  4. Hi my name is Dylan have u guys got a server in mind
  5. Hi my name is Dylan Hi guys been a long time i would defo be up for some Dayz. i'm good to play pretty much anytime.
  6. HI MY NAME IS DYLAN, if any of you guy play arma rp don't go on uniquerp as they are using toe server to dox people they did it to me and a friend all ready dont want it to happen to anyone else
  7. just keep in mind if not a finish product as of yet had to take some time out as was not well but hoping to have the full thing all done and dusted in the next 7-10 days
  8. whats next custom map new spawns custom clothing base spawns for donators new trader gui
  9. Hi, my name is Dylan i'm here to tell you all a bit about my new DayZ Modded RP server. I will start with the RP part this mean the server is not (KOS) Kill On Sight which means when you have been looting for 4-7 Hours and you have finally got good gear you won't be just shot out of nowhere and that's it all lost. but for those that like to watch their pray as they line up the shot. We have that to with all of the main military loot spawns being a KOS allowed area. Now onto the Mods we have a party system so you can easily find your friend's. there is also gun mods because u can never have en
  10. Hi i'v got war of the walkers how do i fund the server?
  11. Got an i7-2600 16GB Ram and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and yes I play Arma every now and then mostly life and KOH
  12. Still got the ps4 but much more into pc these days. We could see about getting a team together.
  13. Ye sounds good hopefully it's not bad
  14. He's called Karson he is a legend like
  15. Ye im a dad now he's Just about 6 months now

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